Customerflo: Boost Sales with An All-in-One Shopify Application

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Boosting Sales with Customerflo: A Shopify Application for an Engaging Customer Experience


Engage customers with your store through an attractive and customized account profile, store credits, and reviews. An all-in-one solution for your business to increase sales, reduce overhead, boost customer loyalty, and offer rewards, deals, and incentives with customerflo shopify app.  

Scope of Work

As Shopify Plus Experts our role was centered around converting the idea into a scalable solution. We looked over every stage of the development project - Designing of the application, Development Audit, QA testing of the solution, and Deployment in the stores 

This application has a lot of functionalities and features  

  • A customized customer account profile page.  

  • A 2-panel dashboard. One for the merchant and one for the customer.  

  • Customers can add reviews from an ordered product or their customer account page.  

  • Merchants can collect as well as manage their reviews.  

  • Customers can also add ratings to their reviews.  

  • Merchants can provide deals and offer on a single product.  

  • Merchants can offer store credit system on the following actions:  

              - Birthdays

              - Specific purchases I.e., order numbers.  

              - Specific amount  

  • Merchants can also share customized notifications through emails for deals and offers.  

Customerflo Shopify app features


  • As we priorly used Material UI to create an improved UI interface we faced a lot of issues as it was clashing with Shopify themes. But we improved and by utilizing React JS Technology we have created an intuitive UI interface.  

  • Maintaining the project schedule was a challenge as there have been a lot of changes in Shopify application requirements.  

  • We have transformed our strategy of testing by including a three-tier method. It starts with Developer Testing, Project Coordinator testing, and lastly Project manager testing. 

Technology Utilized  

  • Shopify APIs are used to connect Shopify with the backend.  

  • Frontend - React JS  

  • Backend - Node JS. 

Customerflo Shopify app workflow

Why should you choose Customerflo?  

  • Easy to install, no coding necessary  

  • Email marketing integration with Zendesk® and Klaviyo® Bazaarvoice®  

  • First-of-its-kind complete customer portal  

  • Clean, navigable dashboards for you and your customers  

  • Compatible with both print-on-demand and non-print-on-demand enterprises  

  • Great value as it replaces several standalone apps  

  • Boost sales and brand loyalty through all-in-one customer interactions  

What can Customerflo do for your business?  

1) Offer you an easy-to-use UX/UI with a clean dashboard where you can  

  • Easily navigate your sales, revenue, and reviews  

  • Search and see customer information  

  • Integrate Klaviyo® and Zendesk® to send out email blasts with new deals  

  • Add specialty deals like a deal-of-the-week or birthday deals  

  • Manually issue customer credits for loyalty or instead of refunds  

  • Import and consolidate reviews from other platforms  

2) Give your customers an all-in-one portal that allows them too easily  

  • Search and shop inventory  

  • View previous orders and reorder items with just 2 clicks  

  • See existing store credits and earn new ones  

  • Access specialty deals  

  • Leave text/photo/video reviews and view their own and others’ reviews  

  • Contact you directly with questions or concerns  

Plus, look for new features coming soon:  

  • Track up sales and down sales  

  • Add and integrate SMS and email campaigns  

infographics - Shopify application for creating attractive account profiles, giving store credits, and managing reviews.

Benefits of utilizing Customerflo for your business  

  • Encourage Customer Loyalty  

  • Build customer relationships with loyalty incentives, deals of the week and other special deals, store credits and rewards, and more.  

Allow Re-orders & Run Sales  

  • Allow your customers to re-order what they've already purchased or run an email campaign on a special deal.   

  • Collect Reviews  

  • Import text, photo, and video reviews from other platforms, and customers leave new ones, all on one easy-to-use and easy-to-view Reviews page.  

Increase your average order value with store credits and enable your brand with reviews from your customers. This application is created by Lucent Innovation. We endeavor to stay current with technological advances, incorporating them into our corporate culture and achieving greater commercial results. Lucent Innovation is a well-known provider of digital and software solutions.  

For our customers, we provide one-of-a-kind solutions that lead to enhanced productivity, growth, and profitability. Feel free to contact us about your next project!  

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Arth Patel

Arth Patel
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