How we increased the User engagement and UX: Breathing ai

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Client Overview: 

In the modern digital environment, spending the entire day in front of a screen can cause burnout and reduce productivity. provides a customized solution to deal with these problems. This human-centered tech business created a browser extension that focuses on employee well-being first using science, ethics, and empathy. Their method fits in well with your job, encouraging good screen habits with features like guided micro-breaks and calming screen tints.

With an enthusiastic user base and research backing it from esteemed universities like Stanford and MIT, promises favorable effects., which has over 10,000 users across 156 countries and an incredible 5-star rating on the Chrome store, is transforming workplaces into places that promote success, well-being, and productivity.


Low user involvement prevented from achieving its goal of revolutionizing workplaces with a browser extension backed by research for well-being. Even with its remarkable research and approachable design, the original design failed to capture users' interest and result in consistent use. This posed a serious problem for because continuous involvement is required to experience the long-term advantages the extension claims, such as higher output and reduced stress levels. Users found it challenging to understand the initial design's features and value proposition because it lacked intuitiveness and was not very visually appealing.

Requirements approached us to revamp their Chrome extension after recognizing that it needed to be improved. Their main objectives were to:  

  • Improve the user experience (UX) by making the interface more user-friendly and captivating to motivate consistent use of breathing exercises.  

  • Make the extension more accessible by making sure it supports many languages so that it can reach a larger audience.  

  • Improve user flow by making it easier for users to access and finish breathing exercises.  

Our Solutions 

We implemented an extensive revamp with an emphasis on functionality and user experience to tackle's issues:  

  • UI Revamp: With a modern and user-friendly design, we entirely redesigned the user interface (UI). To provide a more calm and relaxing ambiance, this included color tinting and soothing color schemes.  

  • Multilingual Support: To reach a larger worldwide audience, we added multilingual support for both Spanish and English.  

  • Improved User Flow: We made the extension's flow more efficient so that users could access and finish breathing exercises with ease.  

  • Background Sounds: To further improve the feeling of relaxation, we included a music player with soothing background noises.  

  • Breathing Breaks: We included features, such as alerts for hydration and posture correction, to help users remember to take breaks.  

  • AI Integration: We explored the possibility of using AI in the future to customize breathing workouts for demographics.  

Technology Used 

  • Chrome Native APIs: To ensure a smooth connection with the browser environment, we made use of Chrome's native APIs.  

  • Front-End Development: With a focus on aesthetics and user experience, we totally updated the extension's front end.  

Benefits the Client Gained 

For, the updated Chrome extension brought about important benefits:  

  • Enhanced User Engagement: Users' involvement with the breathing exercises has greatly increased due to the enhanced user interface and functionality.  

  • Larger User Base:'s multilingual support enables them to connect with a larger worldwide audience.  

  • Improved Brand Image: has a favorable brand image thanks to its slick and user-friendly design.  

  • Future-Proofed Platform: This redesign lays the groundwork for potential future integrations such as artificial intelligence personalization.  

Why Partner with Us?

This case study highlights our capacity to produce user-centered designs that encourage development and interaction. Our methodology combines state-of-the-art UI/UX design principles with strong technological know-how to deliver solutions that both fulfill and exceed our clients' expectations. Companies such as can use our collaboration to transform their online services and achieve their goals.  

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 Nidhi Inamdar Nidhi Inamdar
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