Remarkable impact of a website overhaul on Moonglow's revenue

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/ / Remarkable impact of a website overhaul on Moonglow's revenue



The Overview - Moonglow

When Moonglow first came into contact with Lucent Innovation they were facing several challenges. The first one was web performance. Their website was having a very high page load time, due to which they were losing customers. Their sales were reducing, and the customers were very unlikely to come back. Lucent Innovation understood the requirements of Moonglow and decided to revamp the whole website. We fixed their coding issues and created the website along with product pages.

The team created customized applications for them, where you can check your own Moon phase. We also created a wish list for them. Lucent Innovation understood its concept very well and we also added customized options after the product is chosen. Here the customer can choose their color birthstone color as well as the type of material they need in their accessory. Moonglow has expanded and has various branches in a lot of countries. So, we have assisted them in creating web pages according to the languages of the different countries.   

Web performance: It usually means how fast a website loads in a browser and how quick it is in responding to user interactions. It focuses on your speed as well as other pages in your domain 

Later this year they wanted to revamp their website to Shopify 2.0.   


Moonglow overview of website - Lucent innovation


Features of Shopify 2.0  

  • "Sections" are now available on all pages, not just the homepage  
  • They've included theme app extensions  
  • App blocks are now accessible via the theme editor interface  
  • Include assets in your theme app extensions  
  • Meta field enhancements  
  • Image files are supported by the file selector  
  • A new API for files  
  • Enhancements to the theme editor  
  • Setting for liquid input  

Project Background and Description  

Moonglow was founded by Julien Plouffe and Aurelie Dudziak to help individuals connect with their most unforgettable Moments. They took this concept to trade shows and to consumers, assisting them in discovering their moons and Moments! To reach more people and Moments, we launched Moonglow online and have since grown to celebrate over a million Moments throughout the world.

As they were growing Moonglow wanted to make new changes to its brand. Right from remodeling their website to changing their brand color. They also wanted to add multiple functionalities to the page.  

Our Challenges  

The client regards Lucent Innovation as an essential component of their vision and objectives. The project required strategic planning and solutions that will scale in the future. The previous website was a little out of date and did not meet the client's specific needs.  

We had to add third-party applications with custom requirements. Making and modifying new code immediately.


Moonglow - Website snapshot


Project Goals and Objectives  

The Lucent Innovation team, in collaboration with the client, held numerous initial site meetings to identify the scope, which included integrations with Mobiscroll.

The client's goals and objectives were as follows: 

  • Redesigned website
  • Brand color modified
  • Mobiscroll connected to a third-party calculator
  • Functionalities
  • Multiple engravings
  • App for searching and collecting

The functionalities that we added were:  

  • Default and custom quizzes
  • A Product map
  • A calculator and integrated it to add to the cart


New Feature added to moonglow website - shopify 2.0


Technology Utilized   

React JS, HTML, JavaScript, SCSS  

Insight and Process 

The project was assigned a dedicated team consisting of a Team Lead/PM, Senior Functionality Developer, Senior UI Developer and Senior Tester. 

We had one to two focused meetings per week as needed, but Lucent Innovation was always accessible if more were required. When contact was required, the project manager was always available. If there were any issues, we were always available to help ease them and provide answers.  

Certain requirements may alter or be added at any time in an eCommerce project. So, when the client requested a few extra capabilities and needs throughout the development period, we took it on and delivered it on time.

Last but not least,

We proposed converting the website from Shopify to Shopify 2.0 after much brainstorming and understanding of the client's requirements. We integrated the website with additional extensions that would fulfill the client's purpose and aims. We constantly tried our hardest to come up with fresh solutions to suit the client's needs.

Benefits to the Client

  • Improved user experience  
  • Increased conversion rate due to ease of using a calculator  
  • Feasible with iPhone  
  • Quick checkouts of products  
  • Customized homepage  
  • No static code used  
  • Store locators showed in the USA  
  • All integrations of third-party apps 

The Final Outcome  

We are virtually finished with the project. However, a professional and motivated team, driven to precision and performance, has made it a positive overall experience. The client trusts the team and looks forward to moving toward a stronger partnership.   

Hear it from the client:  

"It was with our first onboard meeting that we were exposed to the whole Team right from the get-go. We appreciated the level of transparency that was offered early in the project development. We've been exposed to several programmers over the years and we've never been able to find a company until now that can make our unique shopping experience come to life.

Everything seems possible with Lucent Innovation. We think that aligning ourselves with Lucent Innovations has given us an advantage over our competitors in an ultra-competitive industry. Lucent Innovations has allowed us to dream big and we look forward to continuing to put our big ideas forward and seeing them come to fruition with our Lucent Innovation Family."

Shital Raval

Shopify Expert

Asha Mewara

Project Manager

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