Securing Data Migration and Sharing Platform for BlockFenders

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//Securing Data Migration and Sharing Platform for BlockFenders


Client Overview:  

A safe and simple method for transferring data between various platforms is offered by the data migration and sharing platform BlockFenders. It is used by companies of all sizes to transfer data from legacy systems to cloud-based platforms and share data with partners and clients.   

Scalability and dependability are made possible by the microservices architecture. It provides a variety of options for controlling access to data and uses blockchain technology to protect data transfers. Also, it has a lineage capability that makes it simple to trace the progression of data by displaying a graphic overview of the transfer of data. 

Businesses of all sizes who need to move data or share data with partners and clients can benefit significantly from BlockFenders. It is a safe, friendly, and scalable platform that may help businesses improve their operations and accomplish their goals.   

Client Requirement:  

BlockFenders wanted Lucent Innovation to create a no-code, user-friendly platform enabling companies to migrate and share their data across various platforms safely. The main objective was to provide a safe, effective, and affordable solution for data exchange and migration needs.   


  • Data security: There are inherent security risks when moving sensitive data from one platform to another. Data integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity must all be ensured during the transfer procedure.    

  • Data Sharing: A robust architecture and effective data processing methods are needed to enable bulk data sharing between various platforms in a secure and streamlined manner.   

  • Microservices Architecture: It is an excellent method to manage various application components by creating microservices that communicate with each other seamlessly.   

  • Blockchain Integration: Combining tokenization, private networks, and encryption to increase security and reduce transaction costs can be achieved with blockchain integration. 


The following are the main sections and features of the BlockFenders App, that has been created by Lucent Innovation.  

1. User and Environment Operations in the Admin Portal  

  • It provides controls over user management and authentication.  

  • It would help if you had an entry of AWS credentials, choice of instance type, and choice of count.  

  • Validation of AWS policies.  

  • AWS instances are created with Terraform.  

  • We are creating a blockchain account.  

 2. Data processing operations via a user portal  

  • The operations for moving and processing data required  

  • Data Processor manages source-to-sink migration.  

  • Transformers (Sanitization, Anonymization, Encryption) are used to manipulate data.  

  • OpenSearch, Kafka, MongoDB, and SQL are available as sources.  

  • There are Data manipulation possibilities for transformers.  

  • Sink: Block Fenders Table (AWS S3).  

3. Authorization and Authentication Using Auth Service and Keycloak  

  • Controls for authentication and permission.  

  • It would help to have the Integration of Keycloak for secure user access.  

4. The Data Integrity Validation Module  

  • Checks for data integrity while moving.  

  • Use innovations like Hedera and blockchain.  

  • Reports on successful and unsuccessful verification are in-depth.  

5. Data Sharing Module: Exchange Information with Peers  

  • Node.js, TypeScript, and Express.  

  • Hyperledger Fabric private blockchain for secure data sharing.  

  • Service set up on the receiver and provider computers.  

  • Data exchange between on-premises systems or cloud service providers.  

6. Analytical Tools and Lineage  

  • Data processor runs are maintained, and analytics are provided.  

  • Add up the results of each data processing stage.  

  • Data processor setup and history can be seen using the lineage function.  

  • Report and statistics on verification.  

The modular design of BlockFenders ensures rapid data migration, processing, verification, and sharing, as well as seamless integration. These modules work together to create a comprehensive solution that addresses the many demands of businesses looking for secure and effective data management.  

Blockfender app - Custom Solution by Lucent Innovation

Benefits gained by the Client: 

  • Blockchain Security: We used blockchain technology for data security during transfer and sharing. Hashing, private networks, Hedera coins, and Hyperledger Fabric were all used to build a secure data transfer technique.    

  • Microservices Architecture: To build the platform's many microservices for modules like Login, Signup, Product, and Customer, Java development, Spring Boot development, Node JS development, and Go Lang development were used. These microservices' flawless communication was made possible through the Eureka Service Registry.     

  • Workflow for Data migration: Lucent Innovation created an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for data movement. Users can set up the platforms for the source and destination, for example, moving data from Open Search to BlockFenders' exclusive table format.   

  • Sharing and Access Control: The platform included a variety of access control methods, such as manual authorization and verification, to ensure that data sharing is safe and secure.    

  • Enhanced Data Security: BlockFenders is the ideal option for industries like healthcare that deal with sensitive data since it employs blockchain technology to ensure data security and integrity.       

  • Analytics and Data Lineage: BlockFenders provides a one-stop shop for analytics and data lineage, offering insights into historical and current patterns of data utilization.      

  • Cost Savings: BlockFenders  can now offer cost savings to companies looking to optimize their data infrastructure by transferring data from pricey platforms (like Microsoft Data) to more affordable ones (like Google Data).   

Use Cases      

  • Data Migration: BlockFenders allowed efficient and secure data transfer from traditional systems to cloud-based platforms.     

  • Data Sharing: Companies could utilize BlockFenders to safely share data with clients and business partners while observing data privacy laws.  

BlockFenders was developed using a solid technology stack, which includes:   

  • Front-end: ReactJS     

  • Backend: Golang, Node.js, Spring Boot, Java   

  • Database: Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB)   

  • Blockchain: Hedera   

Our Expertise  

Our team at Lucent Innovation is skilled in providing top-notch blockchain development services. We can create secure, open, and decentralized solutions that help organizations streamline operations, increase security, and open new opportunities thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of blockchain technology.   

Why Lucent Innovation?  

  • Experience: With years of industry experience, we have delivered several blockchain projects successfully across many domains.  

  • Innovation: We take great satisfaction in staying on the cutting edge of technological developments and continually offering cutting-edge solutions.   

  • Custom Solutions: Since every company is different, our strategy reflects that. We personalize our blockchain development services to specific requirements to deliver the finest results.   

  • Security: To ensure that your blockchain solutions are reliable and robust, we focus on the highest security and data integrity standards.  


A strong data migration and sharing platform was created due to the partnership between BlockFenders and Lucent Innovation. Using blockchain technology, user-friendly interfaces, and a cutting-edge technological stack, BlockFenders offers businesses looking to transfer and share data between platforms a safe, scalable, and cost-effective solution. The project's success highlights the importance of cutting-edge software solutions in solving challenging business problems.   

Look no further than Lucent Innovation when you are ready to leverage blockchain technology for your company. Explore our portfolio of completed projects and learn more about our services by connecting with our professionals who will walk you through developing secure, effective, and cutting-edge blockchain solutions according to your company's requirements. We invite you to experience the transformative potential of blockchain.  

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