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About Teabox 

Tea, as you all know is more than just a beverage in India. It is an age-old tradition that has been engrossed in our culture for centuries. Even now in the modern world. Tea is an elixir in the mornings as well as evenings for a lot of people. So, here at Teabox, they have created heaven for Tea lovers. Here the past meets the present in terms of blends, flavors, and tastes. Teabox is an online platform that has transformed our vision into an incredible experience for Tea lovers.  

It has redefined our views on drinking tea by providing the finest and freshest, tea leaves from various lush plantations in India. It has emerged as one of the best destinations for tea connoisseurs globally, due to its unwavering commitment to authenticity, quality, and convenience. Their pursuit of customer satisfaction is incredible. 

Project Summary 

The case study of Teabox exemplifies how Lucent innovation contributed to making the online tea platform successful. It demonstrates how Teabox has transformed the tea industry by deploying cutting-edge technology and innovative tactics. Teabox has responded to the unique demands and tastes of each market by implementing localized websites for India and the USA, offering a tailored customer experience with the help of Lucent Innovation. We offered our expertise in speeding up their website, adding visually appealing features.  

Business Challenges  

The user experience and business performance at Teabox were severely hampered by the slow loading times of the website. Navigation was made more difficult and potential buyers were deterred from investigating the website by the lengthy loading times. Higher bounce rates and lower client engagement were the effects of this problem.  

Client Requirement/Business Objectives  

  • Improvements to speed issues: 

The customer discovered that their current website was loading slowly and sought solutions to improve the user experience. The website's loading speed has to be optimized to ensure that the page loads swiftly and effectively, minimizing any delays or user annoyance. We did this by the deployment of several features, including caching, asset and code minification, picture compression, and server-side optimizations, to accomplish this.  

  • Localized Website Experience for India and USA: 

A single website that could be accessed by users in both India and the USA was required by the client, with the user experience being tailored based on the visitor's location. Localized content, prices, and promotions, as well as other information particular to a certain area, should be dynamically shown on the website. Customers in India, for instance, would see India as their location and receive content and prices in INR, while customers in the US, on the other hand, would see the USA as their location and receive content and prices in USD. The objective was to retain a consistent online presence for the business while offering localized consumer experiences in each location.  
  • Showing specific images of products:  

The client wanted the display of distinct photographs of each tea product to improve the customer's purchasing experience. To display the appearance, color, and packaging of the products, this would need to take detailed pictures of tea leaves, brewed tea, and other accessories. The goal was to visually engage clients and give them more information about the things they were thinking about buying.  

  • Auto-scroll:  

The client requested that certain internet pages have an automatic scrolling feature. This feature would make it simple for website visitors to browse through a variety of teas or related articles without the need for manual assistance. Implementing a fluid, automatic scrolling mechanism that would let consumers browse a variety of teas was a prerequisite.  

  • The add-to-cart button on the collection page:  

The customer wanted the inclusion of an "Add to Cart" button right on the collection pages to simplify the process of buying and increase user convenience.   

  • Choosing a variant on the page:  

The client needed the option to choose product variants right on the collection page to give customers more freedom and convenience when shopping. Customers should be able to select tea flavors or different package options (1 pack, 3 pack, 5 pack), for instance, without having to visit different product pages. Implementing a variant selection tool that would let clients edit their orders right on the collection page was necessary.  

Solutions we provided 

  • Localization for website:  

Implemented location-based detection to automatically determine the visitor's location. Depending on the visitor's location, the website's content, pricing, and promotions adjusted. Displayed the USA as the location for consumers in the US and India as the location for clients in India.  

  • Improved issues with speed:  

A thorough investigation of the website's operation was carried out to spot any blockages. Used methods to optimize page loading time, like caching, minification, and image compression. Improved the performance of the website overall by implementing server-side optimizations. Improved JavaScript and CSS used.  

  • Showing photographs next to products:  

Pictures of tea leaves, brewed tea, and other accessories were taken in high definition. Specific product photographs were shown to demonstrate the shape, color, and packaging of the teas. Through visual depiction, the customer's comprehension and interaction with the products were improved.  

  • Automatic scrolling:  

Added an automatic scrolling feature to the appropriate website pages. Made it simple to browse through the different teas or the advertising areas. It provided a fluid browsing experience and increased consumer convenience.   

  • Button to add to cart on collection page:  

Directly on the collection pages, an "Add to Cart" button was included. Facilitated the addition of products to shopping baskets without requiring users to visit individual product pages. It speeds up the buying experience and increases user comfort.   

Button to add to cart on collection page - Teabox

  • Choosing a variant on the page:  

On the collection page, a variant selection option was implemented. Without leaving the collection page, shoppers could select package options (such as 1 pack, 3 pack, or 5 pack) or certain tea flavors. Customers' buying journey was made more flexible and convenient.  

  • Product ingredients added by meta fields.   
  • Discounts are added by the checkout script.  
  • Technology Utilized: Shopify Liquid, JavaScript, Shopify checkout script.    

Choosing a variant on the page - Teabox

Samvmad chai   

Sammvaad Tea, a premium tea company, needed to remodel its website to improve user experience and boost online sales. We have also done some work for their Indian subsidiary Sammvad tea. To showcase the amazing selection of tea goods, the project entailed developing a new home page, collection, and product pages.      

The home page  

Complete changes were made to the home page to give visitors an immersive tea experience. Tea farms and other appealing images of tea are used in the layout's overhaul. Users may now explore various tea collections and promotions thanks to a clear navigation and simple call-to-action buttons. The identity of the brand is strengthened by the updated design, which also establishes the mood for an enjoyable tea experience.   

Collection Page  

A broad selection of Sammvad teas is now presented on the collection page in a more user-friendly way. Visitors can now quickly find their chosen tea varieties, flavors, and origins thanks to improved classification and sorting options. Beautiful images, clear descriptions, and pricing information are included for each collection, encouraging customers to explore and choose wisely. The new layout fosters exploration of the wide range of tea options and invites tea lovers to explore new teas.  

Collection Page website screenshot 1 -  Sammvad tea

Collection Page website screenshot 2 - Sammvad tea

Product Page 

The goal of the product page makeover was to improve the shopping experience by giving thorough information about each tea variety. The updated layout provides thorough explanations of flavor qualities, brewing guidelines, and health advantages. Enhancing credibility and assisting in decision-making are high-quality product photos and client feedback. The shopping trip is streamlined by the seamless integration of a secure checkout process, which boosts conversions and improves customer satisfaction.  

Technology utilized:  

jQuery, Shopify liquid, HTML, CSS  

Benefits Teabox gained after our improvements and addons  

  • Improved User Experience:  

Quicker page loads will make browsing easier and more pleasurable for users, lowering irritation and raising engagement.  

  • Improved Site Speed:  

Potential customers are less likely to leave their shopping carts empty and more likely to finish their purchases, which increases conversion rates and boosts income.  

  • Improved SEO Performance:  

Search engine rankings heavily depend on site performance. Teabox will increase its presence in search results and get more organic visitors and potential consumers if the website's speed is optimized.    

  • Scope of Localization:  

By adding a localization page, Teabox is now able to serve a wider range of users by offering localized material including language and currency options. Building trust and establishing connections with clients from various places is made easier by personalization.  

  • Improved Product Presentation and Navigation:  

The inclusion of specific photographs with products, the addition of a cart button on the collection page, variant selection options, and auto-scrolling capabilities all help to improve the experience of looking through products.   

All of this made it simple for customers to identify what they wanted, add it to their cart, and browse the website with ease, which raised customer happiness and boosted sales.   

Reasons Why Teabox Selected Lucent Innovation to Improve Their Website  

  • Proven Performance: 

Teabox was delighted with the wide range of offerings that Lucent Innovation provided and its track record of building and optimizing websites. The business proved it could provide excellent solutions that matched the goals of its customers.  

  • Technical Knowledge:  

Lucent Innovation had the requisite knowledge and experience to optimize the performance of websites, including dealing with site speed problems. Teabox acknowledged their skill in putting into practice practical methods to improve user experience and spur online conversions.   

  • Customized Approach:  

Lucent Innovation provided a specialized method for enhancing websites. They took the effort to comprehend Teabox's unique wants and difficulties before customizing their solutions to satisfy those needs. Teabox had faith that its website would get the attention and answers it deserved thanks to this tailored approach.  

  • Industry expertise: 

Lucent Innovation had in-depth knowledge of the e-commerce sector, particularly about tea enterprises. They were a perfect partner for Teabox because of their expertise in market trends, user behavior, and best practices in the sector, which helped to ensure that the website updates met both user and industry expectations.      

Creating cutting-edge and effective digital solutions is the focus of Lucent Innovation, a top web development company. We have established ourselves as experts in website creation, e-commerce solutions, and digital marketing tactics thanks to a team of highly qualified individuals.  
We provide customized solutions that address the particular needs of each client thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the most recent market trends and technological advancements. Our track record of completed projects and delighted customers serves as proof of our dedication to producing excellent results.  

Lucent Innovation is the best option if you are looking for professional website development services. Contact us right now to talk about your requirements for website and software solutions and let us help you realize your online potential.   

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