Unleashing the Potential of Technology: The TrueCover and Lucent Partnership

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/ / Unleashing the Potential of Technology: The TrueCover and Lucent Partnership




Streamlining Healthcare Information Exchange 

About the client - Overview 

Truecover is a health data exchange platform that allows users to securely exchange information with ease. It offers a centralized platform for patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to store and exchange health information. The platform is designed to streamline the flow of information between all parties, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall patient outcomes.  

It is a cutting-edge health data exchange platform designed to revolutionize the way personal health information is shared and accessed. The platform provides users with a secure and seamless solution for exchanging their health information with medical providers, insurance companies, and other relevant parties. By connecting users to their medical records, Truecover empowers them to have greater control over their health information and make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. 

Challenges TrueCover was facing 

  • Integration Issues: The challenge for TrueCover is to integrate the data and systems of all parties involved, such as hospitals, insurance companies, and brokers, into a single platform. This requires the standardization of data formats, protocols and communication methods, which is a complex process. 

  • Automating the System: TrueCover needed to manage the complexity of the operations of multiple parties and ensure that the platform functions smoothly, without downtime or errors. This requires a well-designed and tested platform that is capable of handling large volumes of data and transactions. 

  • Different Business Models: The platform must accommodate the varying business models and processes of the different parties involved, such as insurance companies and brokers, who operate differently and have different requirements. This requires flexibility in the platform design and a collaborative approach to integrating their systems. 

Client Requirements

  • The client’s main requirement was to manage the platform securely. 

  • Manage the platform in such a way that multiple requests can be handled. 

  • Managing all the three portals that includes: 

    •  Admins Portal 

    • Claims Portal 

    • Consumer Portal 

  • In addition, third-party integrations were to be implemented and new APIs were to be developed based on requirements. 

  • Data Security was a major concern, and measures had to be taken to protect sensitive personal and financial information of patients from unauthorized access, theft, or loss. This required the implementation of robust security measures and strict data privacy policies. 

Solutions Provided   

  • We have utilized the Apache Camel Framework integration for managing multiple requests easily. 
  • (Apache Camel is a powerful and flexible framework for integrating different systems and applications, making it a popular choice for organizations looking to streamline their integration processes.) 
  • Managing all the three portals on the platform by continuous bug fixing and managing APIs. 
  • A Cashless Claims Processing Integration was provided for external clients in the TrueCover System. 
  • Successful Third-Party Integrations were implemented, including ABHA Integration, Ucare Integration, and Mfine Integration. 
    • (ABHA stands for Ayushman Bharat Health Account- Digital health Abha card was launched under this Mission. ABHA card benefits include consent, easy access to records, and security.
  • We have provided this integration so that the insurers can easily access their health information. 
    • (UCare: U care is an online platform that helps patients connect with labs ,ambulance services and hospital consultations. 
    • M fine integration: MFine is an AI-powered on-demand healthcare startup that gives customers access to online appointments and hospital-based linked healthcare.)
  • The requirements of the clients were understood and changes were made in the system accordingly. 

Technologies Utilized  

  •  Java 

  • Spring boot 

  • MySQL 

  • MongoDB 

  • Apache camel 

  • Jenkins (for building project RC’s) 

  • AWS (services like s3 bucket, code commit) 


By digitizing and automating its processes, Lucent Innovation helped the insurance platform TrueCover make major improvements to its business operations. Following are the results of the partnership between TrueCover and Lucent Innovation: 

  • Improved Efficiency: TrueCover was able to greatly boost the speed and precision of its operations by automating manual processes, which also helped to decrease errors and increase overall efficiency. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: TrueCover was able to provide its customers a more streamlined and user-friendly experience because to the platform's digitization, making it simpler for them to manage their insurance plans and access information. 
  • Multiple Integrations: TrueCover was assisted by Lucent Innovation in integrating with a number of other applications and systems, such as U care, M fine, ABHA card. We also integrated the cashless system for them. Due to this integration, TrueCover was able to offer its clients a more thorough service while also increasing organizational excellence. 
  • Ongoing Bug Fixes: TrueCover was able to maintain high levels of platform stability and dependability by implementing automated testing and continuous bug patching, which decreased the likelihood of downtime and errors. 
  • Increased Scalability: TrueCover was able to accelerate its operations more effectively and easily as a result of the platform's digitalization and automation, which allowed it to serve a bigger customer base and prepare for future development. 

In conclusion, TrueCover and Lucent Innovation's partnership produced a more effective, dependable, and user-friendly insurance platform that offered clients more and increased its market competitiveness. 

Why did TrueCover choose Lucent Innovation for providing a solution?  

TrueCover chose Lucent Innovation as its solution provider for several reasons, including: 

  • Expertise: Lucent Innovation has a proven track record of delivering successful digital transformation projects for insurance companies, demonstrating its expertise in the industry. 

  • Tailored Approach: Lucent Innovation took a tailored approach to understanding True Cover's specific requirements and challenges, enabling it to deliver a customized solution that met its unique needs. 

  • Integration Experience: Lucent Innovation has extensive experience in integrating different systems and applications, making it well-equipped to handle the complex integration challenges faced by TrueCover. 

  • Innovative Technology: Lucent Innovation used innovative technology and approaches to automate and digitize the insurance platform, delivering a solution that was both cutting-edge and effective. 

  • Strong Partnership: Lucent Innovation established a strong partnership with TrueCover, working closely with its team to understand its healthcare solution needs and ensure that the solution delivered met its expectations. 

Lucent Innovation has helped TrueCover streamline the flow of information and improved outcomes on their centralized platform. Trust in our expertise to overcome multiple challenges and perform successful integrations, ensuring complete data security. 

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