What has Lenskart Singapore done to boost their store revenue?

Shital Raval| Nidhi Inamdar|May 11, 2023|5 Minute read|
Blog / Case Study / What has Lenskart Singapore done to boost their store revenue?



Client Overview  

An online eyewear retailer established in Singapore, Lenskart. Sg provides many eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women, and kids. Their motive is that glasses should be available to everyone without putting a hole in their budget so that many consumers do not have to settle for low-quality eyeglasses with poor designs. Clip-on eyeglasses from one of their well-liked collections enable customers to quickly swap between prescription glasses and sunglasses without carrying extra sets. Customers may choose the ideal pair of eyeglasses on the website thanks to its user-friendly layout and virtual try-on option. To guarantee customer satisfaction, Lenskart. Sg offers home trials for a selection of eyewear.  

Client Requirements  

  1. Lenskart. Sg contacted Lucent Innovation to redesign and change their website to improve its usability and user experience.  

  1. The client had specific demands, such as developing separate web pages for bookings and the shopping cart, installing additional features, and introducing more customer discounts.  

  1. The client expressed interest in providing customers with product packages.  

  1. Product bundles are carefully selected sets of eyewear offered at a discount when purchased simultaneously, giving customers more value for their money.  

Solutions we provided  

We utilized Basic Shopify tools and React JS to create a better UI experience.  

1.) React storefront  

  • Powered by Next.js  

Next.js is the most extensively used framework in the React ecosystem, and React Storefront is layered on top of it. It uses the normal next.js layout and can be run in any node.js environment, as well as many serverless setups like Layer0 and AWS Lambda.  

Server-side rendering is included, as it is in all Next.js apps. When server-side rendering was paired with edge caching, Lenskart. Sg customers had the fastest first landing experience possible, and their website became search engine friendly.  

  • Designed for Speed  

React Storefront provides a rapid potential shopping experience to the customers by caching and caching linked pages before the user scrolls to them and by preserving site data in the window.history.state so that it does not have to be reloaded when the user navigates back.  

By launching a React storefront for them, Lenskart. Sg gained a lot of benefits right, from scalability and speed to instant back navigation, server-side rendering, etc.  

2.)We utilized internal logic to create different discount offers for them every weekend. These were beneficial as many audiences were attracted to and utilized the offers. 

3.)We developed a 3D/Virtual try-on with the help of the Ditto library; this feature gained popularity and an audience.  

Our main goals were to expand the website's functionality and enhance the user experience, which included making separate pages for appointments and the shopping cart to offer a more convenient user experience.  

We closely collaborated with Lenskart. Sg to understand their operational needs and objectives before introducing new services like appointment scheduling and improved cart functionality.  

Product bundles were an additional function we created for the website. This made it possible for Lenskart. Sg to provide discounted pricing for well-curated eyewear collections, drawing in more clients and boosting sales.  

Our team ensured that all new elements were easily incorporated into the website, giving Lenskart. Sg customers a more engaging and convenient purchasing experience.  


The redesign of Lenskart. Sg website and the addition of new features had the effect of significantly improving the overall user experience, which in turn increased customer engagement and sales. Our team was able to execute adjustments that satisfied the client's particular demands and objectives by cooperating closely with them and learning about their company goals.  

Customers could now quickly arrange appointments online with the new appointment scheduling function, saving them time and ensuring a convenient and effective experience. Additionally, the improved cart and checkout options streamlined the purchasing process and decreased customers' likelihood of abandoning their carts before purchasing.  

By providing product bundles, Lenskart. Sg boosted customer engagement and increased sales because customers were encouraged to buy several products at once and at a reduced cost.  

Our team ensured that the product bundles were smoothly included in the website, giving Lenskart. Sg customers a convenient and user-friendly buying experience.  

Since we handled, Lenskart's discount offers on weekends. Their weekly sales increased greatly.   

Lenskart has become quite a popular online store for eyeglasses. It is gaining momentum due to its robust features and interactive user interface. You can easily select glasses that suit your face and buy them from their store.  

Lucent Innovation, an acknowledged leader in e-commerce solutions and software design and development services, can help your company reach its full potential. Our tailored applications are made to boost productivity, promote expansion, and increase profitability for your company. Our e-commerce websites are also created to scale and sell, guaranteeing that your company is one step ahead of the competition.  

Are you prepared to grow your company to new heights? To begin working on your next project, contact us at info@lucentinnovation.co.in.

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