10 Remarkable Milestones on the Journey of Excellence at Lucent Innovation

Nidhi Inamdar|December 1, 2023|4 Minute read|
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Our company has continually shone brighter in the ever-changing I.T industry, where ecommerce stores spread like stars in the night sky. Founded in 2013 by two imaginative entrepreneurs with an everlasting passion for encouraging online business growth, Lucent Innovation has built an amazing path to success in the technology industry. Lucent Innovation has made considerable progress with every year that has passed, becoming a reliable business partner for companies of all sizes. Let us take a trip through memory lane. 

  • 2013: A Vision Takes Shape- The birth of Lucent Innovation took place in the middle of the digital revolution. On a remarkable quest to help businesses flourish online, two enterprising people took the first steps.  

  • 2014: The Team Grows- The team of Lucent Innovation grew as word of the company's expertise also spread. The expansion of the company was driven by the addition of two more talented people to its team. 

Lucent Innovation Team
Lucent Innovation on Shopify Platform
  • 2016: The Shopify Plus Collaboration- Every year that passes moved us a little bit closer to perfection. We had been steadily growing our team as we became Shopify Plus partners.  

  • 2017: A Golden Achievement- The golden year arrived, marking our ascent to Shopify Gold partnership. And our influence extended to the bustling streets of New York. 

  • 2018-2019: Bridging Continents- The global vision of Lucent Innovation led to the establishment of a second office in Ahmedabad, India, bridging continents and expanding our reach. 

Lucent Innovation Office
  • 2020: A Team of Excellence- We have now built a remarkable team that is ready to take on any challenge due to a seamless combination of expertise and experience.  

  • 2021: The Growth Continues- With relentless determination, we have continued to expand our horizons, welcoming more talented professionals into the fold. 

Brands of Asia Award - BARC Award Lucent Innovation
  • 2022-2023: A Tapestry of Accolades- Lucent Innovation was honored with major prizes including the Brands of Asia Award and the Marketing Meister Award. Our excellent contribution to software development and services was also recognized by the Gujarat Government. As we participated in GITEX Africa, our global digital footprint was emphasized, encouraging innovation and cooperation.  

Ashish and Nitesh Kasma Brothers accepting best software development and services - Award by Gujarat Goverment


Lucent Innovation in GITAX - 2023

The success of Lucent Innovation is a testimony to the strength of commitment, creativity, and a persistent focus to providing our customers with unmatched service. Looking ahead, our exceptional firm is well-positioned to keep growing and pave the way for companies to succeed in the rapidly developing digital space. Lucent Innovation shines as a guiding light, motivating others to achieve the heights of success in the universe of e-commerce and software development.  

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