Our Diwali event Luminous was one of a kind.

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Diwali- A time of new beginnings, a celebration of good over evil, and a festival of light, fulfillment, and prosperity. For us, it is a time to clear out the old and make room for something new. Although there is extensive cleaning of homes and offices, it is also a time for introspection and inner purification. We should all examine our hearts and minds around Diwali and ask ourselves, "What cleansing needs to be done here?" We should be made immaculate, and a home suited for the Divine, just as we sweep out the shadowy corners of our homes. To make a place for empathy, forgiveness, and love, it is essential to let go of past grievances, resentment, and judgments.

This year Lucent Innovation thought - Can we think of a different way to celebrate Diwali?

How about bringing a smile to someone's face?

How about spending time with people who are lonely and crave a bit of company, laughter, and joy? The joy of giving not only materialistic things but your compassion, time, and companionship.

So, we decided to invite underprivileged kids from Robinhood Army, Ahmedabad, and elderly people from Karmyog Foundation, Chandkheda.

These underprivileged kids are vulnerable to many kinds of harm, from poor access to education and health care to an increased risk of exploitation and other forms of abuse. So, we thought to bring a smile to their faces and give them a space to enjoy themselves. The kids had a bang and enjoyed every stall right from having pani puri to playing various games to relishing cakes and pastries. There were 55 kids, and everyone had a lovely time. They were full of smiles when we gave them gifts. Our Diwali event was a blast because there was nothing better than looking at the smiles on their innocent faces.

We also invited some elderly from the Karmyog foundation in coordination with Mr.Chirag Vajha.It was satisfying to see the elderly enjoying the companionship of people. They became young kids again and had fun in the various stalls.

We are thankful to Robinhood Army as well as Karmyog Foundation for their support. 

Coming to the main event we named it Luminous. The concept was that different teams had to create stalls and the judgment was based on their creativity, marketing techniques, the rush of people, etc. Everyone came up with different stalls and it was amazing to see different people come together and utilize their strengths to succeed. It was a very successful event. Let us take a look at the teams and their members.

Even their names were very interesting, don't you think?

  • Mocktail engineers 
  • This team as the name suggests made different mocktails along with some delicious pizza, samosa, and dabeli. Their team consisted of Nitesh Patidar, Krunal Prajapati, Mitesh Patel, and Neha Aswani. They had a really good time creating different mocktails. The children enjoyed all their food. 
    Diwali celebration at Lucent Innovation
    Nitesh Patidar shares his experience of the event with us.
    Diwali event experience
  • Khatta Meetha Place.
  • This was one of the most famous stalls as who doesn’t love pani puri right? This stall won the 2nd prize. Their name choice was also a brilliant one. They had a blast serving pani puris and doing marketing by different Bollywood dialogues. The members of the team were Janak Kanani, Sanjay Jadav, Himanshu Chhaparwal, and Mayank  Parmar.
    Diwali celebration at Lucent Innovation
  • Let us take a look at what Himanshu Chhaparwal has to say about the event.
    Diwali event experience
  • Freenzy Blast
  • This team was a winner. And as the name suggests, they had a stall for pan and sodas. A brilliant idea with good costumes, they were ringing a bell and attracting people towards them. Their soda and pan were a hit. Their stall too was decorated attractively. Their team worked hard playing to each other's strengths. Their team members were Hardik Godhani, Mayursinh Waghela, Hiral Modh, and Shraddha Modi.

    Look what Hiral shares with us regarding her experience.

  • Hungry Developers
  • This team had milkshakes but theirs was a joint venture with mocktail engineers. They showed us how mergers help us succeed. The children enjoyed different milkshakes along with pizza and dabeli. The team members were Prakash Prabhakar, Kinjal Faneja, Nirav Varsani, and Harshad Parmar. 

    Kinjal shares her experience of working with different members with us.

  • Cakees
    Children have a sweet tooth, and this stall was a hit with them because of its delicious and scrumptious treats. The team members were Himanshi Jain, Divya Soni, Akshay Sangani and Liladhar Dhangar. Their stall was decorated very well, and the attractive treats were easy enough to lure everyone to them.

  • Himanshi Jain shares her event experience with us.


  • Fun Zone
  • This was also one of the famous stalls for as who don’t like to play games. This team won the third prize for their creativity. They prepared the board for the games, etc on their own. The children had a blast playing these games. Even the elderly enjoyed becoming children once again. The team members were Namratha Nambiar, Kunal Modi, and Jeet Vyas.

    Look what Namratha shares regarding the event with us.
    Diwali celebration at Lucent Innovation

All the team members worked very hard for the event to become successful. But we also had a management team without whom this event would not have been possible. They worked like a well-oiled machine planning things well in advance and performing flawless execution. The management team consisted of Aman Jain, Bhavik Patel, Piyush Gajjar, Vikash Singh, ArjunSinh Rao, Jay Panchal, Nishant Bhavsar, Sparsh Lohana, and Deep Prajapati.

Management team

They coordinated everything from picking up children and the elderly to dropping them off and every small thing of the event. Bhavik Patel from the team shares his experience with us.

We had three esteemed judges -  

Harshada Pandya- She is a project officer and teacher from M.S University Vadodara. Vikram S.Vanzhara is an eminent police inspector of Chandkheda Branch, Ahmedabad. Dr.Falguni Vasavada Oza - A passionate marketing and branding professor at MICA, as well as a TEDx Speaker. We were very fortunate to host these esteemed personalities and gain knowledge from them.

Dr.Falguni Vasavda Oza at Lucent Innovation

Last, but not least our H.R team consists of only 2 members- Yaani Patel and Sneha Pareek. But they have managed to organize and work like a team of 10. Kudos to the team for managing, organizing, and executing every task flawlessly. They have worked relentlessly and tirelessly to perform each part of the event as well as the Diwali function making it the best for all the stakeholders right from employees to the event attendees.

Lucent Innovation team

Concluding the whole event would not be possible without the support and guidance of Mr. Ashish Kasma and Mr. Nitesh Kasma. Their knack for bringing out the best in the team always has led us to the success we have achieved so far. Our event Luminous was unique because we brought smiles to innocent faces, the elders became children once again and enjoyed and the teams understood how to work together in any kind of environment, understanding each other’s positive and negative points as well as balancing them.

Be a part of an exciting and growing team!!

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