Why is employee experience gaining traction in 2022?

Nidhi Inamdar|March 4, 2022|8 Minute read|
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The workplace has evolved dramatically in the last two years, demonstrating that it has never been more crucial for companies to prioritize employee experience. Businesses and professionals affected by the Covid crisis were given a light of optimism this year. Employees were able to work on-site again as organizations began to get back on course. It was a year of resurrection and revival. We noticed an increase in the use of new technologies and enhanced solutions to let people work remotely. As a result, firms of all sizes were well-versed in a variety of current work methods.

2021 was the year of restoration.

2022 will be the year of advancement/growth.

The global epidemic has compelled enterprises all over the world to recognize the value of digitalization and the use of new technologies to complete tasks. As a result, businesses and professionals are prepared to start a new year on a positive note and see their companies thrive thanks to technological expertise.

So what are the changes that have occurred at the workplace in the last 2 years?

  • Possibility of a hybrid workplace.
  • More focus on the mental and physical health of employees.
  • Communication is crucial.
  • Work-life balance has become a critical part to consider.


Based on these changes here are a few workplace trends that will be frequent in 2022.

  •  Gen-Z has arrived.
     The younger Gen-Z individuals are getting ready to enter the workforce. And, just as the generational approach to work evolved from Gen-X to millennials, the generational approach to work will alter again. The younger generation has a distinct attitude to work and a fresh perspective on it. They refuse to use traditional tools that take more manual effort to complete tasks. This generation grew up in a technologically advanced society and has never known a world without continuous digitalization.

    This requires employers and organizations to adapt their work practices to keep up with technological changes. If given the opportunity to work in a suitable setting, the new tech-savvy population is full of great ideas and passion. Gen-Z workers are less interested in sticking to traditional working time and prefer a more flexible work environment. If this group is given the environment they desire, they will be able to assist businesses in keeping up with market developments.
  • A modern form of a workplace is starting to emerge: the hybrid workplace.
    For a time, Covid made it impossible for professionals to leave their homes to even go to work. Working remotely, on the other hand, has become the norm. Organizations were able to function remotely thanks to collaborative platforms such Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others, which allowed employees to work from the comfort and security of their own homes.

    When companies returned to on-premise activities in 2021, not every individual was eager to return to the traditional work paradigm. Organizations, on the other hand, have nothing to complain about. Several businesses have claimed an increase in the overall efficiency of their remote personnel. But there were also cases where some individuals faced depression, anxiety and insecurity without the routine and normalcy of going to the office daily.

    They were happy when they returned to the offices. And our organization Lucent Innovation has done its best to accommodate employees by introducing excellent employee engagement activities, open communication and transparency and various HR policies. This has also led to another factor, that many individuals wish to come to the office, bond with their peers and colleagues. This gives them a sense of belonging and normalcy.
    So, there is a chance of a hybrid workplace where at some times there will be remote working and at times coming to the office.

  • Centralized communication
    The rise of a hybrid workplace has heightened the necessity for centralized communication within a company. You must ensure that everyone is on the same page at all times when you have some employees working on-site and others working remotely. While traditional communication means such as emails and phone conversations allow your employees to communicate, a centralized communication system is essential. Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, Workplace, Microsoft Teams, and other collaborative tools allow professionals to interact and engage with their colleagues in real-time. Collaborative platforms enable you to communicate effectively inside an organization by allowing you to conduct everything from group conversations and video calls to exchanging essential documents.

  • More emphasis on employees' mental health
    Regardless of the business they work in or the magnitude at which they operate, the pandemic has been a difficult period for professionals all over the world. Several competent and dedicated professionals lost their jobs as businesses struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic. Furthermore, many people who work remotely exhaust themselves by working long hours and become burned out.

Let us hear what H.R Manager at Lucent Innovation has to say about the transforming workplace trends,

“Employees are more aware of their abilities and roles than it has ever been, making business culture even more vital. They look for organizations where they can boost their personal profile as well. The culture is both demanding and adaptable. I've noticed significant changes in salary and skill sets over the previous two years, and employees are requesting to work in a variety of technologies on a daily basis. Permanent WFH facility or hybrid work culture Companies are also more flexible in terms of scheduling these days. To relieve the team's stress, we organize a variety of Employee Engagement Activities to help them kick off their weekend with a bang.”

What is the significance of employee experience?

Employees are the backbone of any business. The need to focus on the employee experience and boost employee engagement and productivity inside a firm has always existed. Employee standards, on the other side, have substantially changed during  this time. They are no longer just looking for a solid job with decent compensation and a promotion to stay involved in a company. Employees today require individualized assistance.

When you can give your employees a good work experience, they are more motivated to come to work daily, which leads to more engagement. A better employee experience inspires your team to offer their all and work tirelessly to achieve common organizational objectives.


Retaining employee rates will eventually be affected by a satisfactory and positive employee experience.

Employee experience extends far beyond the benefits package you offer. Instead, it's a synthesis of benefits, the environment, values, and company culture. These are the elements that will motivate your employees to come to work each day.

You can best use your company's culture and achieve your organizational goals by listening to your team members and providing them with an optimal work environment.

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