Highlights from Data Science Meetup 3.0

Nidhi Inamdar|April 22, 2024|5 Minute read|
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Data Science Takes Center Stage!  

The 3.0 Data Science Meetup by Lucent Innovation was a huge success and overflowing with enthusiastic data enthusiasts! A wonderful platform for learning and collaboration was driven by thought-provoking speakers and lively discussions.  

Data Science meetup 3.0

There was a tangible buzz around data science, which is proof of the increased awareness that our earlier Data Science meetups and the significant DataThrone event have helped to cultivate. It was evident from the large attendance that the data science community of Ahmedabad is growing! 

We had 3 speakers in the meetup with diverse topics. 

 Data- The New Gold Rush 

Our first speaker was Parth Devariya and his topic was a trending one. Data is the new oil. He explained how you can make a profit using data. Data brokerage includes locating important data sources, or "data wells," processing (sorting and cleaning), and finally offering it for sale to willing buyers. StockGPT, a stock market analysis tool, is used as an example. The process of creating a data visualization platform involves collecting datasets, refining them, and developing a platform that makes it simple for users to identify patterns and insights in the data. The platform that is highlighted in the example has "unlimited contacts" as part of its USP.  

Parth Devariya at Data science meetup 3.0

An automated system for job applications involves gathering email addresses from company recruitment pages and creating a platform that allows people to apply to numerous positions simultaneously. An example was selling this tool to students who are about to graduate.  

Additionally, he also offered resources for data scraping, or obtaining information from websites, and recommends data blogging as another way to make a profit. His captivating presentation generated a lively discussion and inspired attendees to learn more about the world of data-driven opportunities.  

MediaPipe: Exploring Computer Vision Applications 

In this presentation, computer vision specialist Jaydevsinh Jankat looks deeply into MediaPipe, a framework for creating machine learning pipelines. Three primary computer vision problems are covered: object detection (locating things), image segmentation (differentiating objects within an image), and image classification (identifying objects in images). The use of hand and facial landmark detection in these tasks' applications is then demonstrated in the presentation. For instance, face landmarks can capture 3D facial motions, while hand landmarks can be used to command hand gestures or adjust phone volume. Lastly, the model's tracking of body parts for uses such as rep counting, and workout form analysis is investigated in the context of pose landmark detection. The topic created quite an interest in the participants.

Jaydevsinh Zankat at Data Science Meetup 3.0

Responsible AI Development

Our final speaker was Mr.UpenrdaSinh Zala, CEO of Neuramonks .His topic was responsible AI development with public data. It described important factors to consider in three stages: Deployment Strategy, Testing Standards, and Data Storage & Management. He places a strong emphasis on data integrity via checksums, access control through role-based access control (RBAC), and data location awareness in Data Storage & Management. Testing Standards emphasize model validation methods like split testing and k-fold cross-validation as well as data verification for accuracy. Model serving strategies, environment consistency through orchestration and containerization tools, and model versioning for performance monitoring are all covered in the deployment strategy. This topic too gained attention from participants and they left with a lot of value-added takeaways. 

Upendrasinh Zala at Data Science Meetup 3.0

The Data Science Meetup 3.0 organized by Lucent Innovation inspired the curiosity of attendees, provided them with insightful knowledge, and encouraged teamwork among the data science community.  

We sincerely thank our distinguished speakers for giving their time, knowledge, and thought-ful as well as valuable information. Their speeches on various subjects generated lively debates and piqued participants' interests.  

We appreciate you all for contributing to the vibrancy of this event. An outstanding learning atmosphere was created by your discussions, active involvement, and collaborative attitude.  

Keep checking back for more insightful Data Science events from Lucent Innovation, where we will continue to discuss and learn about the ever-changing field of data science, AI and Machine Learning. 

Data Science Meetup 3.0


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