Applications that are helping small businesses become more efficient ?

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Small business owners are aware of the necessity to stay flexible and productive. When managing different elements of your office, whether working remotely, in the office, or out and about, the finest small business applications make it straightforward.

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A small business owner needs applications for a variety of functions right from communication to payroll processing to project management applications.

With the right small scale business apps, you may achieve more than you ever imagined while expanding your company.

So lets take a look at some of these applications that have become quite popular and helped a lot of businesses lately.

  • Quickbooks online   


    Regardless of the size of the organization, Quickbooks Online's accounting software makes managing all business needs incredibly simple. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily keep track of spending, prepare and transmit documents (such as quotations, bills, financial statements, etc.), and understand your cash flow.
  • FreshBooks.                                                                             

    You might consider FreshBooks if you want an accounting program that focuses on invoicing, has more affordable costs and has one of the top mobile accounting apps available. You can manage your cash flow, spending, invoices, and more with FreshBooks' software and mobile app. All plans include excellent customer service at no extra cost.

  • Wave                                                                                
    With Wave, users can keep track of their earnings and expenditures, send invoices (from a desktop or mobile device), set up regular payments, and capture receipts from any location. The Wave dashboard is simple to use and was created with small business owners in mind. Perhaps for that reason, this small company app is free.
  • Gusto.

    Gusto might come in handy for small business owners that need to manage a crew. Gusto is a robust mobile app that manages taxes, payroll, and benefits. It aids in the onboarding of new employees, notifies the government of recruits, manages all federal, state, and local taxes, immediately deducts worker's compensation payments, and emails pay stubs to employees. The first month of use of this app is free.

  • Workday.                                                                                                   
    Workday offers a dedicated small business app for Human resources and accounting so you can base your decisions on information rather than speculation. This tool makes it simple to involve all of your staff members and is always adaptable.
    As a manager, you have the power to quickly and effectively plan, hire, and develop personnel thanks to Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). From the first day to the last, your employees will be flawlessly guided by this user-friendly small company app.

  • Keka

    Software for enhancing employee engagement called Keka offers functions like timesheets, payroll, and attendance tracking. According to Keka, this technique for processing payrolls has completely changed the payroll sector in India. Additionally, any size business can benefit from the automation process simplification offered by Keka's range-based pay structure.
  • Pocket HRMSBy totally digitizing your payroll services, attendance, digital onboarding, and HR operations, Pocket HRMS may modernize your HR and payroll processes and provide your employees access to their information at any time, anywhere using the most recent cloud and mobile technology.

  • Monday


    The project management app Monday makes all duties crystal apparent and improves team collaboration. Simply work on a project, add activities to it, and then add steps to each job. So that everyone can quickly understand where a project or task stands right now, the status is updated as employees complete the task or steps of a task. Users can also develop sources of knowledge to save documents and other project-related items.

    Users of Monday can receive real-time notifications on their smartphones and desktops so they never miss a thing.

  • GoodDay


    With the best tools for strategic management, project and production planning, task organization, and productivity improvements based on transparency, adaptability, and motivation, GoodDay is a cutting-edge work management platform.

  • Mailchimp       

    Want to send newsletters to customers' emails directly? or design Facebook advertising, registration forms, and landing pages? Using Mailchimp is the answer! Users can even begin for free, and the interface is simple to use. Additionally, their distinctive layouts are expertly developed. Increase marketing efforts quickly and easily while attracting new clients.
    Mailchimp expands alongside users as audiences expand. Even more capabilities in this simple-to-understand small business tool can help manage all marketing objectives.

    (P.S - All the images for particular applications are taken from their respective websites.)

Key Takeaways

A few of these apps will work great for your small business, while others might not be a good fit. Using pen and paper for any area of your small business is not the most effective approach to doing tasks. With the correct digital solution, practically everything—from communication and job scheduling to training and tracking simpler to maintain.

The abundance of business apps available to match your unique business needs, from managing projects to finance and accounting, and all in between, is demonstrated by this exhaustive list.

Your organization will eventually become more effective and productive with the more employee management tools you use at your disposal.

Lucent Innovation utilizes many applications like Keka and GoodDay which have been very helpful in the management of employees as well as projects. 

We make an effort to stay up with the newest technical advances so that we can incorporate them into our corporate culture and improve our commercial outcomes.

One of the top providers of digital technology software solutions is Lucent Innovation.

E-commerce development is something we have a huge amount of experience with. For our clients, we provide one-of-a-kind solutions that boost productivity, expansion, and profitability. We also develop, design, and expand e-commerce websites that are ready to sell.

Feel free to reach out to us about your upcoming project!

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