Complete Guide on how to become a Shopify Partner in 2024

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Do you have experience with Shopify and want to use your expertise to make a profit? The Shopify Partner Program provides a fantastic way to achieve that. By signing up as a Shopify Partner, you can both benefit from and introduce others to the platform. Through the program, you may profit from your knowledge by providing competent partners with training, certification, development stores, and collaborator accounts.  

We'll discuss the Shopify Partner Program in this post and provide you with instructions on how to take part actively.  

What is the Shopify Partner Program? 

Developers, designers, marketers, and associates who want to sell products and profit the Shopify platform can join the Shopify Partner Program. As a partner, you can make money by assisting others in setting up eCommerce sites, developing Shopify themes and apps, or providing customer assistance to companies that use Shopify. 

Although it's simple to become a partner, the program also includes yearly performance reviews. The amount you earn will be determined by your position, and you'll get the help and training you need to do your best work. The following are roles that you could take on:  

  • Build or Migrate Stores: Help Shopify members create new stores or migrate existing ones to the Shopify platform. 

  • Solve Merchant Problems: Assist Shopify merchants with issues and inquiries. 

  • Create Apps: Design and develop commercial apps for the Shopify App Store. 

  • Become an Affiliate: Introduce potential members to Shopify and earn 'Bounty Payments' for referrals. 

As a partner, you'll have access to the Shopify Partner Dashboard, which tracks all your revenue and provides insights into revenue-generating items like apps and themes. 

The Difference Between Shopify and Shopify Partners 

Like the distinction between a tour and a tour guide, Shopify and Shopify Partners differ from one another. With the help of Shopify partners or independently, merchants can establish stores on the Shopify platform. Professionals who use Shopify to generate revenue are known as Shopify partners. They help retailers create apps and themes, set up businesses, and make money through affiliate links.  
Partners could receive invitations to join the Shopify Experts Marketplace if they perform well and develop a sizable clientele. As an alternative, you can get an invitation to this private marketplace by contacting Shopify.

How to Become a Shopify Partner 

After learning about the advantages of the Shopify Partner Program, here are a few steps you need to know for becoming a member. Here's how you become a Shopify Partner in 2024, step-by-step:  

1. Register for the Program

Register for Shopify Development Program

Go to the Shopify Partner Program page to learn how to become a Partner. The 'Join Now' button has an email form next to it. Fill out the form with your email address, then click "Join Program." Become a Shopify Partner. Click 'Create Shopify ID' after you have verified your password, then watch for your email to be verified.  

2. Enter the required information.

It's important that you accurately fill out the form. Give thorough details and fill out all fields that need to be filled out. After making your selection in the Business Goals section, pick the biggest e-commerce platforms that are pertinent to your company. This aids Shopify in customizing resources and tools to meet your needs.

Check the box at the bottom of the page to indicate that you have read and agree to the Partner Program Agreement. To continue, click the 'View Your Dashboard' option.

3. Confirm Your Email Address  
For the verification process, use a working email address. An email including a verification link will be sent to you when you create your Shopify ID. Use this link as soon as possible since it expires in 24 hours.

Check the Address You Provided Using Email After clicking the verification link, select "Confirm Email." This will take you to the Shopify accounts page. Click "Create New Partner Account" after selecting "Shopify Partners."

4. Start the Program 

You can apply for available programs under the 'Get Started' area of the Shopify Partner dashboard. Click "Apply Now" after choosing the program that most closely matches your skill set. Fill out the brief form with your reasons for wanting to participate in the program. 


The time is perfect to become a Shopify Partner because of the business's continued growth. Should you have relevant abilities and a firm grasp of this widely used platform, the Shopify Partner Program is a fantastic chance for you to generate additional revenue and grow your freelance organization. Additionally, you'll get to work with and gain knowledge from world-class professionals while improving your own professional development.

Grab this chance to grow your talents and become a part of a global network of Shopify specialists. With the Shopify Partner Program, you can begin your adventure right now and discover new opportunities!  


1. What is the Shopify Partner Program? 

Developers, designers, advertisers, and colleagues can use the Shopify Partner Program as a platform to market and boost Shopify. Developing applications and themes, building eCommerce stores, and helping Shopify companies are all ways that partners can make money.  

2. How can I join the Shopify Partner Program? 

Visit the Shopify Partner Program page, fill out the registration form, and input your email address to get started. Once your email has been verified, proceed to fill out the necessary fields, accept the agreements, and use the Shopify Partner Dashboard to apply for open programs.  

3. What roles can I perform as a Shopify Partner? 

You can develop or move businesses, fix issues for merchants, make apps, or sign up as an affiliate to bring new users to Shopify and get paid for referrals as a Shopify Partner.  

4. What are the benefits of becoming a Shopify Partner? 

Access to development stores, collaborator accounts, training materials, and the Shopify Partner Dashboard are among the advantages. Along with these benefits, you may work with other professionals in the Shopify community, develop your talents, and make money.  

5. How is performance evaluated in the Shopify Partner Program? 

Every year, partnerships are evaluated to assess their success. Your job, and your ability to help Shopify shops and reach program targets will determine how much money you make and how long you may stay involved.  

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