Why is Next.JS a showstopper in the world of Developers?

Nidhi Inamdar|September 7, 2022|7 Minute read|
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One of the top benefits of knowing Next.js is the increased flexibility with which one may create and respond to online reality.

Because it enables us to evaluate our ideas quickly, internally as a developer of React js technology solutions, we consider it to be the most significant advantage in a continuously changing digital environment. In order to remain competitive, if we are fortunate, we will be capable of rapidly integrating new features and adjusting to unexpected changes. If not, it is easier to start from scratch and make the needed modifications.

The way we shop these days is another factor. That also became insane.

When it comes to the user experience of using websites or online stores, as measured in milliseconds, we have become considerably more demanding.

This presents a wonderful opportunity for businesses that have chosen to rely on cutting-edge technology like React.js or have opted for the Jamstack method.

With the help of numerous excellent frameworks that have emerged on top of it, you can now construct superfast websites to achieve a much better user experience and SEO efficiency. It enables you to build both simple and complex online apps much faster and easier.

Examining one of those frameworks will help. Next.js, which is getting more and more popular, swiftly replaced many other options as the preferred one.

What is NEXT.js?

With the help of the JavaScript framework Next.js, you can create both React-based web applications and static web pages that are incredibly quick and user-friendly.

In fact, Automatic Static Optimization has blended "static" with "dynamic."

This feature enables Next.js developers to build hybrid applications that incorporate server-side rendering with static page generation.

Otherwise put,

Pages that are generated statically are nevertheless responsive. Your application will be fully interactive thanks to Next.js' client-side hydration technology.

This gives us numerous benefits, including:

Rich User Experience 

Outstanding performance 

Rapid growth of features

Features of Next.JS

  • A user-friendly page-based routing system that accommodates dynamic routes.
  • Automatic code splitting that accelerates the loading of your website.
  • Support for static generation and server-side rendering.
  • The capability of client-side route transitions.
  • Dedicated CSS and Sass support.


Features of Next.Js


Your business objectives should be the basis for any technology usage decisions. Utilizing Next JS services is highly advised if you want to:

  • Boost your revenue and conversions.
  • Increasing your marketing channels.
  • Perform better online than the competition.
  • Provide far better user experiences for your clients.
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance.
  • Make it simpler to expand your business.
When should you next.js?

Advantages of Next.js.

  •  Server-Side Rendering (SSR).
    The majority of React.js components used to construct the website's user interface are all primarily server-side rendered. According to server-side rendering, the user doesn't need to do anything extra in order to access the material on the website once the HTML has been provided to their browser. This eventually results in drastically decreased loading times, making websites appear to load considerably faster.

    There are many benefits to server-side rendering, including the creation of indexable and crawlable websites, which are crucial for SEO (SEO). These characteristics assist in enhancing webpage SEO as the client-side It is not necessary to run JavaScript in order to access the content of the page. Since they don't require the user to reload the page and also have better interactivity, these single-page applications made with Next.js have demonstrated to offer an improved user experience.
    Next.js is praised for being distinctive because, unlike many other server-side rendering frameworks now in use, it enables developers to display JavaScript code on the server and then provide indexable and straightforward HTML to the user, which was not feasible before Next.js was released.

    Benefits like static site regeneration, another SEO-friendly capability to construct websites and apps with sophisticated SEO, are also offered by Next.js. When using only Next.js, developers may focus solely on creating components without worrying about the rendering environment.

  • Improved functionality of the developed website
    Because Next.js doesn't require the site to download and then execute a large amount of JavaScript code all at once, metrics like Time to first draw (TTFD) are correctly taken good care of when working with Next.js. TTFD essentially counts how long it takes for a user to view the very first piece of content that appears on their screen, and the ideal time is under one second. Nobody wants to wait around for a website to load, which increases bounce rates and leads to greater client conversions and more customer counts. As a result, this function indirectly helps the website's SEO.

  • An enhanced search engine optimization strategy.
    As was said in the paragraph above, server-side rendering can significantly increase the SEO of your website or application. Comparing Next.js-created websites and applications to comparable client-rendered JavaScript websites, you can see a significant increase in your website's visibility in search engine results. Given the rivalry in the modern internet world, Next.js gives you a significant advantage over other websites, which accounts for its widespread acceptance in the developer community.

  • Automatic code splitting in Next.js Next.js is considered one of the cleverest platforms because it only loads JavaScript and CSS that are required for the specific page that is being worked on. These speeds up page loading times and prevents the user's browser from having to download JavaScript that isn't necessary for viewing the particular page. This explains the effective performance and additional user advantages, as the page's content loads more quickly and improves the user experience.

  • Hot Module Replacement (HMR).
    Although this function may not be as valuable to application consumers, it is an essential one for app developers. A feature called "Hot Module Replacement" enables programmers to keep track of changes while they work on the application. Hot Module Replacement reduces the amount of time required in seeing live changes in effect compared to standard live reload methods by only reloading the modules that have already been modified. When it comes to the benefits this feature offers users of the system, Hot module replacement enables faster and more efficient app development.

Quick recap

It doesn't matter if you're developing complex software for millions of users or if your Shopify web store is expanding. You can harness the benefits of contemporary web technology in both situations to increase the online productivity of your organization.

Remember that technologies like Next.js are creating the web a stronger, simpler, and more user-centric environment while you improve your loading time, SEO, and UX. And users—who matter the most—rather than just Google will always be in favor of that.

In conclusion, Next.JS is a showstopper in the world of Developers due to its abilities to create static and server-rendered applications With JavaScript. This makes it very versatile for Developers. If you need a web or mobile application developed, Lucent Innovation is here to help. We utilize JavaScript to develop high-quality applications. Contact us today to get started.





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