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Eat cake today - Vendor Management

Eat cake today - Vendor Management

The world of eCommerce has taken a step ahead of this year and every eCommerce store owner aims to grow his business and take it to the next level. Most of them are planning to convert their online store into Shopify eCommerce marketplace.

As all of us know that marketplace will create a win-win situation for designers as well as buyers and ultimately the profit of the owner will rise like never before.

The client is one of the best online store owners for selling cakes online from the different vendor.

His primary requirement was to build a Cake Management system that is a platform for vendor and shipping company to manage product for customers.


The store owner was facing several issues due to manual process

  • Few vendors have the high backing capacity and small cooking time, so it’s very hard to manage dates for such cakes.
  • The client has to manually write baking time in each product description
  • The client has to manually mark the product as unavailable if the vendor is on holiday.
  • The client has to manually add shipment to the shipping company for specific dates.

Client Requirement

  • To build a system for cake vendors and delivery companies.
  • Cake vendor was should be manually added by the client.
  • Cake vendor can manage backing capacity and baking time for each cake.
  • Cake vendor should manage holiday etc.
  • Shopify Storefront should show the cake to customers based availability of vendors and cakes.


We have thoroughly reviewed client requirement with the client and his team and came up with following modules.

Vendor Management

The vendor should be able to update their availability, cake baking time, cake availability, the backing capacity to avoid multiple back and forth with the client to cancel the order due to late in delivery time.
Vendor Name
Phone number
Vendor Availability in week
Cake specific details
Cooking start time (whole week)
Cooking end time (whole week)
Cooking capacity/day
Cake baking time
Cake pick up time (in the hour or day)
Last order Time(in hrs or day)

Shipping Management

Once the order is placed and shipping is done by the shipping company, so this system will auto create shipment using shipping company API with following details.
Pickup location
Delivery location
Delivery date

General Management
We have added an option to auto send mail to the vendor for orders and provided an option for national holidays.


Development Tools & Environments : PHP, AJAX, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 etc.
Database Server: MYSQL
Server: Apache/NGINX Web Server


The entire planning for B2B Shopify eCommerce multi baker marketplace project was done together by the designers and developers along with the expert guidance of project managers and testers. They kept the features and challenges in mind while planning for it.

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