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Trestique: Simple Beauty Routines - Product Bundles

Trestique: Simple Beauty Routines - Product Bundles

treStique was looking to migrate their makeup and beauty store from Spree to Shopify. After a poor experience with another development company, they got in touch with us. Their primary focus was centered around creating custom applications for their makeup routines, along with cleaning up their backend and improving site speed. They spent some time researching Product Bundle Apps on Shopify but couldn’t find any that had a robust inventory management system; which is crucial when you’re selling stand-alone skus that are also part of a bundle. Using an existing app would mean they would have to also manage inventory manually or use another 3rd party logistics solution. After looking at the increased costs plus the increased workload to manage multiple systems, they decided they needed a better solution.

treStique's Essential 8 makeup routine built by Lucent Innovation, Inc.


treStique needed to create several product bundles with specific limitations,  such as; a limit of 5 face products can be added - foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Plus, they wanted to offer multiple discount levels tied to specific bundles.   


  1. The first step was to migrate their store from Spree over to Shopify.
  2. Next, we built a customized bundling a 10-step feature called the Essential 8 that fulfilled all the client’s requirements, such as the number of different makeup products a customer can choose. We created this in such a way that individual product inventory was managed along with the order. This feature is not available in the ready-made bundling apps available on Shopify store. So, when the customer chooses specific products to add in their makeup bag, those products are automatically deducted from inventory from the backend while the customer only sees the makeup bag with products they choose.
  3. We helped them with inventory forecasting by only allowing products that were available in stock as per live inventory data to be selected by the customer. When a customer added a product, such as mascara, to their customized makeup bag, then the mascara inventory was deducted from stock, providing a true inventory picture at the sku level.
  4. We applied variable discount levels based on the specific bundle created by the customer. For example, if a product such as foundation is added to the cart, then a child product such as lip balm is added free. But, crucially, inventory is deducted for both products/skus
  5. We built them a new, powerful backend app that allows the client to create any type of custom bundle they want.
  6. Using Shopify scripts, we customized the checkout experience as well, adding a pop-out side cart with a single product bundle price along with all the individual products selected.
  7. Lastly, we also created a unique tool called Selfie Shade Selector which allows the customer to upload a selfie and get personalized makeup recommendations based on their skin tone.

If you need help building product bundles for your Shopify store please contact us and we’d be happy to work with you to find the right solution.

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