10 Essential Elements for a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Ashish Kasama|June 17, 2022|10 Minute read|
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Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing techniques today, and it's only going to get bigger. It has the potential to be a tremendous tool for keeping customers engaged and developing brand evangelists, which will ultimately contribute to business growth.

Selecting the best email management system that can take your brand to the next level is critical to fully using the power of email marketing. These tools can be used to categorize your audience, monitor open rates, analyze the percentage of unsubscribes, and build automated emails, among other things.

Email marketing has become one of the best and the easiest mode of customer engagement. Big Companies rely on emails and prefer automation to make interactions with people worldwide. 

Importance of an email

Widespread use: Email importance has reached such an extent that people prefer to check emails first when they wake up. It helps them to plan out their daily tasks and processes through a lot of mediums.

Accessibility: As Email is available on a wider range of platforms and devices, it is easily accessible at any place and at any time.

The essential elements for any email strategy are mentioned as below:

  • Motivate people to sign up.
    Sending emails to people who have not signed up for them is a no-no. This is email marketing's first rule, and it's not going away anytime soon. Buying email lists or sending emails to people who haven't requested them is not only unethical, but it's also illegal in several circumstances.
    The only way to ensure that your email marketing efforts continue to flourish is to always receive consent before sending emails! 
    Users that forget to confirm their registration may have done so inadvertently, or they may simply be concerned about the increased number of their emails. Allow them to leave immediately by requiring them to confirm their email address. You could also use an email validation tool to remove inaccurate and invalid emails from your list automatically. You don't want distracted users on your list in any case.

  • Emails Should Be Optimized for All Devices.
    There was a time when people could access their emails from their personal computers. And now there are "days" when the majority of people use their smartphones to access emails and messages. As a result, you must optimize your emails with mobile consumers in mind.
    The best strategy to ensure that the availability of your emails is not jeopardized for any user is to have a responsive design. A scalable email template will ensure that your emails are correctly viewed by everyone, regardless of the platform they are using.
    If your emails have clickable buttons or links, make sure they're optimized for touch screens so consumers don't have to zoom in or out to see or click an element. Consider ergonomics: practically each user clicks and scrolls with their thumb, so clickable button items should be kept in the center of the screen at all times.

  • Make it simple to subscribe.
    Have you been in a scenario where you couldn't find a sign-up page for a newsletter? Have you ever tried to join up for a newsletter but gave up halfway through because it took too long? The easier it is to subscribe to an email, the more people will sign up. Here are some pointers to make your sign-up process easier:
    Sign-up forms should be prominently presented throughout the site. For this, you can use navigation bars, highlight boxes, and content pages.
    Allow users to sign up for your newsletter via social media. Some email service providers, like Constant Contact and MailChimp, have social media connections that allow consumers to sign up for your emails right from their social media accounts.
    Make it apparent to your audience if they must use a double opt-in approach to validate their subscription. This is critical because they will not know if they will receive an email for that and may miss it.

  • Segmentation.
    It guarantees that your message reaches the correct person in the same manner that personalization ensures that it gets to the right person. It's critical for increasing open rates and increasing ROI. Subscribers can be segmented based on demographics, geography, and behavioral data.
    Also, let go of the notion that if you don't deliver a campaign to all of your subscribers, you'll lose money. Because sending the same message to your full email list without segmenting would result in a greater unsubscribe rate and spam complaints, as most males are unlikely to want to receive discounts for female products regularly.

    Customer segmentation plays a vital role in understanding the customer's response towards the businesses' services or products. Customer segmentation then proceeds to micro-segmentation, getting more information on customers' behavior, their location, preferences, habitats, etc. before categorizing the mailing list.

  • Create personalized content.
    It is said that personalized has a higher chance of open rate than normal mail (more than 50% compared to 20.81%). The more personalized email, the more customer engagement. thus getting better ROI for the business from the cheapest source of communication. Nowadays, Email automation is replacing the traditional email wherein a wide range of emails are being sent to customers to retain or engage their product activities.
    Focus on delivering value through information and insights, current developments, additional content, and the like, without having it seem like a sales pitch. Use personalized identifiers, write in a conversational tone, and ask your readers for input. Meticulously blend based on users’ preferences, purchase history, and conversations into a tailored message.

  • Automations and AI.
    Connecting a lot of audiences individually can be a lot of work, and error probability can rise as bulk email when operated manually, especially when a large segmentation of emails is planned. In such a case, automation saves a lot of time and work. With a single click, bulk emails can be delivered to the customers without fail. Additionally, one can review the email stats through campaign reports and modify the mailing list.

    Create emails that thank consumers for signing up, educate them about new product launches, provide event or sales notifications, include exclusive discount coupons, direct them to instructive content, and keep them up to speed on their orders. These email series can be easily created using email marketing solutions.

  • Email Aesthetics.
    If your email doesn't look crisp and attractive, it might end up in the spam folder. Your email font type, font size, optimized images, and visual effects to make your email stand out from other inbox emails. Along with looks, the text alignment, and word formation must be easily readable to the readers.

  • Include the Appropriate Data as well as content.
    If your emails don't have the correct text and visuals, all of your customization and segmentation attempts will be for naught. Make your information and graphics pleasant and engaging, because the message is important. Because people don't want to read much, include more pictures than text. They can swiftly scan the entire communication and understand its significance thanks to visuals.
    The prime and essential part that helps email stand out from other emails, resulting in higher email open rates. The more the text, the more the chances of readers ignoring the email. Also, adding images to the emails will help customers easily read and understand the motive of the email campaigns. Please note that the content must not contain spam trigger words as such emails tend to drop in the promotions or spam folders and the audience didn't realize it.

  • Adding Value.
    The bulk of deliverability issues stems from sending users unrelated material, which leads to high unsubscribe rates and spam complaints. In a perfect world, you'd be sending emails regarding the reasons why people signed up in the first place. Provide them with the discount codes, industry insights, and instructive mailings that you promised.

    All of your emails should pass the "so what" test with flying colors. Consider why your subscribers should be interested in your email and what they will gain from reading it. Make your material about your subscribers rather than your company, and your engagement levels will skyrocket.

  • Your Metrics Should Be Measured.
    To make continual improvements, it's critical to evaluate and monitor the outcomes of your email marketing initiatives. The click-through rate, press and hold rate, and percentage of unsubscribes are the most important metrics to keep track of.
    Your subject lines don't stand out from the rest of your open rates are low. If your email's click-through rates are very low, it means that subscribers opened it but didn't notice the CTA button. Withdrawal rates and spam complaints may be rising as a result of irrelevant information.

When you send a lot of emails but only get a small percentage of them delivered, you're likely to get bounced. In this instance, cleaning your email list and removing inactive email addresses is the best course of action. To get the most out of your email marketing efforts, you'll need to track all of these metrics given by your email marketing and take the necessary steps.



There's always room for improvement, no matter how well your email marketing efforts are functioning right now! The aforementioned pointers will assist you in justifying your email marketing investment, improving the performance of your efforts, reducing spam complaints, and increasing conversion rates.

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