6 Specializations that are growing in demand this year.

Ashish Kasama|7/1/2022, UTC|6 MIN READ|
//6 Specializations that are growing in demand this year.


There has been a huge labor shortage in America for the past two years. More and more skilled workers are resigning from their jobs to find better opportunities. In February alone, 4.4 million quit – almost matching the record numbers of 4.5 million in November 2021. Many specialized industries are now looking for qualified workers to help fill the gap left in the market. Here are just a few that have a growing demand in 2022:

1. Database administrator

Data is an important part of running a company. Organizations can use this information to create effective strategies, establish goals, and better understand their clients. This has led to most companies employing professionals who can effectively manage this data and ensure that collection, storage, and retrieval can go as seamlessly as possible. Database administrators in America can make up to $98,860 per year, and there's a positive job outlook for this position which is currently at 8% as well as over 13,900 openings across the country. As more companies are choosing to use digital-based databases, having a knowledgeable administrator trained in handling technology can make operations run much smoother so professionals in this industry will be in higher need for many more years.

2. Software application development

Many companies are starting to rely heavily on applications to support their operations and provide a better experience for their clients. Developers on this track create specialized programs geared towards specific organizational needs such as project management, customer relationship management, and business process management. Many companies are opting to hire in-house developers adept at working with applications like Java since the language has a wide ecosystem and an abundance of tools that help programmers create effective applications efficiently. More than just that, several industries are moving to the digital space where they need customized software, leading to a spike in demand for developers. As reported on Maryville University’s management information systems degree page, there is a projected 17% job growth rate for software developers from 2019 to 2029, while their median salaries are over $100,000. This specialization is difficult to get into – making skilled professionals highly sought after.

3. Cybersecurity

Going hand-in-hand with software development, cybersecurity workers have also become massively in demand to keep companies and clients safe from hacks. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics explains how security analyst positions will become the 10th fastest growing profession in the next decade. Professionals within this specialty need to have a keen understanding of system vulnerabilities and current cyber trends to ensure companies will be safe from breaches and hackers. The average salary for those within this specialty can range anywhere from $95,000 to $160,000 depending on a professional’s training and experience. The need for cybersecurity workers will most certainly continue as the world becomes more digital.

4. Digital Marketing

The demands of the marketing industry have changed over the years, from print ads to social media. Because of this, the need for well-rounded professionals with an understanding of traditional and digital strategies is steadily increasing. The growth rate for this career lands at 10% and the median salary amounts to $133,380. Those who've mounted successful projects can make much more since proven work is important in landing a good marketing job. For those looking to enter the specialty, employers typically look for a background in the field or related programs such as advertising.

5. Graphic design

Since many marketing campaigns today are digital, the need for skilled graphic designers is growing exponentially. These professionals are expected to be skillful and experienced in working with many programs such as Adobe Illustrator, as well as knowing the basics of photography. The market for graphic designers in the US alone amounts to $13.3 billion, showing just how much companies need skilled workers. Professional graphic designers can earn an average of $88,778 but this can increase depending on the different projects they are working on.

6. Ecommerce development

Ecommerce cemented itself as a necessary way of buying and selling products in the past two years. Because of this, more and more businesses are focusing on developing platforms that are easy for customers to navigate and understand. These platforms would be geared toward encouraging buyers to continue shopping and prevent cart abandonment. In 2020, the average annual salary for these professionals stood at more than $77,000 while the industry is expected to grow by 13% – higher than the average rate. These workers must be skilled in using website designing software and adept in understanding the needs of customers. Our React JS and Node.JS programs are great examples of the technologies being used in today’s industry to develop sites with clients in mind. These provide developer libraries that you can use in your sites. And they aren't just stunning, but also responsive and user-friendly. While there are open-source environments and developer tools, it would still need a skillful professional to put all the technologies together into a cohesive and effective product.

Many other specialties will continue to grow in 2022 and beyond. These are just some of the most sought-after careers where the labor demands are still yet to be met.

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