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Front end technologies enable you to create an intuitive, responsive and business-oriented user experience for your website and web applications. They define your success by improving your web performance. Front End Development helps you drive the performance, optimize navigation and retain your visitors. They build responsive and fast loading websites which help you develop your brand and represent it in a visually attractive way.

In a very simple language like a web design represents how a website will appear, the front end development will define how the web design is implemented on the website.

The growing popularity of online shopping has led to a lot of different trends in Front End technology. But first, let us know some basic information regarding Front End Technologies.

The Front-End Development: how does it work?

The Front-End Development means making them part of the website where the customers engage and interact. A simple example is if you open a website with online shopping. You can see the section where the pictures of the products, along with their deals or other relevant information are displayed. This is part of Front-End Technology.

For example, this page displays the products and information the store owner wants the customers to know. It is vital that the front end developers make sure that the interface is not only attractive but also user friendly and convenient. The main function of Front End Technology solutions is a clean and very structured layout with good graphics that make an impression on customers and help the business vastly.

Project Tech Lead Mr. Prakash Prabhakar at Lucent Innovation  quotes -

“Front End is not the same as before. It has evolved and now 80 % of websites consist of Front End Technology. It means scope of work has improved a lot in terms of this Technology. Java Script has become a huge part of the Front End. React stays on the top. The main point that I consider vital is that your basics and core knowledge should be clear, then you can easily adapt yourself and fulfill the clients requirements according to the new trends. This makes the transition to new trends and technologies easier as well as sustainable.”

So, what are the trends that have been making their way this year and will continue in 2022?

1. Javascript  is and will remain quite popular

JavaScript is one of the most widely utilized programming languages since its inception. When we talk about well-known frameworks to make front end-Java always comes out as a winner. It is because it has constantly evolved and adapted itself to the constant transformation that takes place in the software industry.

There are currently 1.4 million Javascript libraries that can be accessed by developers across the globe. With multiple frameworks and a lot of libraries, Java is behind a lot of successful web applications and it looks like it will continue being a part of successful front end development trends in the coming years.

2. Typescript

It was developed by Microsoft and has been gaining momentum since its release in 2012. It is popular as it is a superset of JavaScript Language which is already being used in the maximum amount of web pages. It was mainly built to reduce the issues that were faced in Java Script especially in large volume projects. Typescript works on both sides of the client as well as the server and assists in static typing. Although a lot of developers utilize Java script for smaller projects and recommend Typescript for bigger ones. A report in GitHub shows its growing popularity in comparison to other languages such as Ruby, C++ and C#.


3. Headless architecture was enabled

It is relevant for those who wish to provide an omnichannel method to deliver content to the users. Headless architecture is mainly appropriate for managing and giving digital assets using a modern technology stack. It is also perfect for publishing content across multiple channels or high-performance applications. It is liked by front end developers because it offers them a solid method to implement their front end without any compromise. Now as smart devices are replacing the traditional desktops and laptops open-source headless CMS are preferred by developers as they can gain full control over data, customize APIs and plugins however they deem fit. It provides them more freedom and flexibility to let their imagination run wild. Managing content, providing an intuitive interface becomes a breeze and deployment too becomes easy. It has its cons but headless architecture is and will be a preferred trend for developers in the upcoming year.

4. Choosing Static Websites

The trend that was quickly going into extinction, has made a swift come back. The static websites are comparatively very low maintenance and also cheaper. They are more secure and faster too. They have become popular because they smartly use the functionalities of front-end development. They require only a few HTML pages to be published and do not require back-end development.

5. Utilizing Micro Frontend Architecture

This type of architecture is utilized to build powerful applications. Micro Front end will ease the process of managing websites, and a single production can handle multiple applications. It solves the problem of scalability.

6. Use of single-page applications increased

Why? Because they are easy and cost-effective to develop. In addition to that, they prevent websites from getting overloaded with a high volume of content and graphics. Their main benefit is they are mobile friendly and can be quickly turned into mobile applications and portals.

7. PWAPs

So what are progressive web applications?
Simply put progressive web applications are developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and look like normal applications, but they are accessed through your browsers like chrome, safari, edge and Firefox. A lot of companies are using them because of their benefits like you do not need any installation, you get instant updates, storage requirements are lower, and the apps are more interactive. This reduces the requirement to have a separate native application and the company enjoys extra benefits.

8. Utilizing JAM Stack

JAM stands for JavaScript, APIs and Markup (Code HTML and CSS). It is an approach in front end development. It allows the developers to create simple and effective static websites. It includes automated deploying, functioning and invalidation of cache in quick seconds.

9. App Development by switching to low codes

As the name suggests low codes means utilizing very little hand-coding. They are quickly gaining popularity as there are reduced costs, and they spend less effort without compromising user satisfaction.

10. Component-based Development was undertaken

It is a method of developing reusable components. The main benefit is component-based architecture is constantly updated and organizations do not need to rebuild it from scratch. It is quite perfect for organizations with large codes. Utilizing this method offers quicker maintenance and more sustainability. The developers are preferring this approach because it provides quick production, collaboration, good integration and an effortless user experience.

Why are trends in Front End Development so essential for business?

The topmost goal of a business is creating an incredible first impression, which is done when the customers open the first page of a web portal. The page conveys the goals of a web portal and attracts customers. So let us take a look at the reasons why front end development is so important in a business.

1.The First impression is the last impression

Front end development creates your page, where the customers can see the type of styling, colors and its schemes, the pictures that are used and graphics that are contributed to creating the landing page for the customer. It has been surveyed that most of the web portals are judged for their appearance by clients, customers and investors.

2. Makes it easy to navigate

The front-end development provides users with the power to ensure that there is user navigation, and it is smooth and seamless. A website that makes users confused and does not allow them to navigate is bound to fail. With the proper development of the front end, the users will easily understand the content flow and direction.

3. A Brand is created

The relevance cannot be stressed enough, for example a website’s appearance can be related directly to its brand like Apple, which has a very distinct website and convinces both the external and internal stakeholders of the product.

4. A climate of trust and reliability is built

Many times web portals with poor designs, run time errors and development problems. This creates a negative impression amongst customers. So when your front end development is accurate and the web pages perform nicely it gains the trust of the customers.

5. Visitor retention improves

When a well-planned site layout, great graphics, clean setups and user-friendliness appear on the page it helps you improve your visitor retention.

Front-end development is the process of making a user-friendly interface of a website. It is the development of the components of a website that users see, interact and gain information from. So, here are some of the latest trends in front end development.

Lucent Innovation tries to keep itself updated with the latest and advanced technology trends incorporating them into our work culture and better business results.

Lucent Innovation is a full-service software design and development company and an expert e-commerce solution provider. We create custom applications for our clients leading to an improvement in the efficiency, increased growth and profitability of the business. We also build e-commerce websites that are ready to sell, scale and grow. We at Lucent Innovation have the talent that create robust front end applications with the latest trends.

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