How to Transfer Domain to Shopify?

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Transferring your domain to the Shopify platform is a smart move for online store owners looking to capitalize on Shopify's powerful tools and features. With simplified domain management, competitive pricing, seamless integration, enhanced security, improved SEO, and reliable support, migrating your domain to Shopify can help elevate your online business. 

Why Transferring Your Domain to Shopify Matters? 

In the digital age, having an online presence is essential for businesses of all sizes and industries. A domain name is a vital part of establishing this presence, as it serves as your website's address and plays a significant role in driving traffic and promoting brand awareness. Transferring your domain to Shopify offers numerous benefits that make it an appealing choice for online businesses. 

Key Benefits of Transferring Your Domain to Shopify 

1. Streamlined Domain Management 

With Shopify, managing your domain is a breeze as you can update contact information, modify DNS records, and renew your domain from a single dashboard. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of errors when managing your domain. 

2. Affordable Pricing 

Shopify's competitive pricing for domain registration and renewal comes with no hidden fees and includes all necessary features. Additionally, you can receive discounts on domain names by paying upfront for multiple years, offering a cost-effective solution for long-term online presence maintenance. 

3. Effortless Integration 

Shopify's seamless integration with their e-commerce platform enables you to access a range of tools and features designed to boost your online store's functionality. Connecting your domain to your Shopify store fosters trust among your customers. 

4. Robust Security 

Shopify prioritizes security, providing advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard your domain from cyberattacks and other threats. They also offer two-factor authentication and other security measures for added protection. 

5. Enhanced SEO 

Migrating your domain to Shopify can improve your website's SEO. Shopify's SEO-friendly features, such as clean URLs, meta descriptions, and image optimization, help your site rank higher in search engine results pages, driving more organic traffic and increasing online visibility. 

6. Dependable Support 

Shopify's 24/7 customer support is available through multiple channels, including phone, email, and live chat, ensuring assistance is always within reach and allowing for quick resolution of any domain-related issues. 

Preparing for a Domain Transfer 

Before transferring your domain to Shopify, follow these critical steps to ensure a smooth transition: 

  1. Check domain eligibility for transfer by contacting your current registrar or using an online domain transfer eligibility checker tool. Shopify also offers a guide on checking domain eligibility on their website. 

  1. Unlock your domain from your current registrar to allow Shopify to initiate the transfer. Log in to your registrar's account and locate the option to unlock your domain. 

  1. Disable domain privacy to allow Shopify to verify domain ownership using the contact information in the WHOIS database. Log in to your registrar's account and locate the option to disable domain privacy. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Transferring Your Domain to Shopify 

1. Get Shopify DNS settings 

  • Sign-in to Shopify store 

Shopify login screenshot
  • Go to Settings 

Go to shopify Settings
  • Go to "Domains" 

Go to Settings and then domain option
  • Click "Connect Existing Domain" 

Click Connect Existing Domain
  • Follow prompts 

Click Connect Existing Domain and enter domain

2. Initiate domain transfer 

  • Contact domain registrar 
  • Provide Shopify DNS settings 

    3. Authorize transfer 

    • Follow instructions in authorization email 
    • Complete within given time frame (usually 5 days) 

      4. Track transfer progress

      • Sign-in to Shopify 
      • Check "Domains" section 

        5. Confirm successful transfer

        • Verify in Shopify "Domains" section 
        • Domain connected to Shopify store 

          6. Update DNS records (if needed)

          • Ensure domain directs to Shopify store 

          7. Test domain 

          • Visit domain URL in a web browser 
          • Confirm it directs to Shopify store 

            8. Set up email forwarding (optional) 

            • Use third-party email hosting provider 
            • Or use Shopify's Email Forwarding app 

              By following these easy pointers, you can smoothly migrate your domain to Shopify, creating a professional online presence for your e-commerce business. 

              Configuring Domain Settings in Shopify 

              After completing the domain transfer process to Shopify, it's vital to configure your domain settings. This includes setting up your primary domain, configuring SSL certificates, and updating DNS records to ensure smooth website operation. In this guide, we'll take you through the process of configuring your domain settings in Shopify, which will ultimately contribute to an enhanced online presence and improved SEO. 

              1. Setting Your Primary Domain 

              Your primary domain is what appears in the address bar when customers visit your website. To set your primary domain in Shopify, follow these steps: 

              • Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to Online Store > Domains. 
              • Under the "Primary domain" section, click "Change primary domain." 
              • Choose the domain you want as your primary domain from the drop-down menu. 
              • Click "Save." 

                Update your customers and marketing materials with your new website URL once your primary domain is set. 

                1. Configuring SSL Certificates 

                SSL certificates secure your website and protect customer data. Shopify provides free SSL certificates for all stores, which are automatically renewed every year. To configure your SSL certificate settings, follow these steps: 

                • Go to Online Store > Domains. 
                • Under the "SSL certificates" section, click "Manage SSL certificates." 
                • Ensure the "Use the SSL certificate generated by Shopify" option is selected. 
                • If you have a custom SSL certificate, click "Upload a new certificate" and follow the prompts. 

                    With your SSL certificate settings configured, your website is secure, and customers can shop confidently. 

                    1. Updating DNS Records 

                    DNS records direct traffic to your website and is crucial for website accessibility. After completing the domain transfer process, update your DNS records to point to Shopify's servers by following these steps: 

                    • Log in to your domain registrar's website and locate your DNS settings. 
                    • Update the "A record" and "CNAME record" to point to Shopify's servers. 
                    • Save your changes. 

                      DNS changes may take up to 48 hours to take effect. Once updated, your website will be accessible using your domain name. 

                      Configuring your domain settings in Shopify is crucial for launching your online store. By setting your primary domain, configuring SSL certificates, and updating DNS records, you can ensure a smooth and secure website experience. 

                      Post-Transfer Steps 

                      After transferring your domain to Shopify, follow these essential post-transfer steps: 

                      1. Verify Domain Transfer Completion 

                      Check your Shopify account's "Online Store"> "Domains" section for the status of your transferred domain. If the status is "Active," the transfer is complete. 

                      1. Redirect Old Domain to New Domain 

                      Set up a 301 redirection for your old domain to ensure customers are seamlessly directed to the new domain and to transfer the old domain's ranking power to the new domain. 

                      1. Update Email Addresses and Settings 

                      Update your store name, store email address, and other settings by navigating to "Settings" > "General" in your Shopify account. 

                      Addressing Domain Transfer Challenges 

                      Domain transfer challenges may occur during the process, but don't worry, they can be resolved. Let's discuss some common challenges faced during domain transfer and offer solutions to overcome them. 

                      Frequent Domain Transfer Challenges 

                      Here are some typical challenges experienced during domain transfer: 

                      a. Incorrect DNS settings - DNS (Domain Name System) settings direct web traffic to the proper location. Inaccurate DNS settings may result in transfer difficulties. 

                      b. Locked or expired domain - If your domain is locked or expired, transferring it to Shopify may not be possible until the issue is resolved. 

                      c. Transfer restrictions - Certain domain registrars may enforce domain transfer restrictions, potentially causing difficulties during the process. 

                      d. Administrative issues - Administrative problems, such as incorrect contact information, can also result in transfer challenges. 

                      Solutions for Domain Transfer Challenges 

                      When encountering difficulties during the domain transfer process, stay composed and adhere to these tips for addressing common issues: 

                      a. Double-check DNS settings - Confirm your DNS settings are precise and correspond with the settings Shopify provides. Remember, changes might require up to 48 hours to become effective. 

                      b. Contact your registrar - If your domain is locked or expired, reach out to your domain registrar for help. They could unlock or renew your domain, enabling its transfer to Shopify. 

                      c. Investigate transfer restrictions - If your registrar-imposed transfer limitations on your domain, communicate with them about removing the restrictions or exploring alternative transfer options. 

                      d. Request assistance from Shopify support - If the previous steps didn't resolve your problem, consider contacting Shopify support. They can help identify the issue and walk you through the transfer process. 

                      Transferring a domain to Shopify is essential for creating a strong online presence. Although obstacles might occur during the transfer, staying composed and following these tips will help you overcome any difficulties. Consequently, you'll transfer your domain successfully and begin developing your online store. 


                      Migrating your domain to Shopify is a straightforward process achievable through a few simple steps. By doing so, you can harness Shopify's powerful e-commerce tools and features to expand your online business. 

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