How to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Aashish Kasma|10/14/2018, UTC|3 MIN READ|
//How to Increase Your Conversion Rates


It quite important to increase conversion rates, and improve your online store’s overall shopping experience.

Just use below tips as the learning tool which is used by most of the eCommerce company.

1.  Implement search to help your customers to find what they’re looking for

Do you know why shoppers are not leaving your online store because of the price?

What is the actual reason for 

one of the biggest reasons shoppers leave an online store without buying isn’t because of the price. It’s because they can’t find something they want. There are two easy ways to help your customers find the right products – search and faceted search

Search - Search bar should be visible to customers in all devices ( large devices, desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile)

The customer should be able to search any content easily. 

Let's take an example of Amazon, People can directly search products without navigating to each category page

2.  Use quality Images, video, product description, reviews, rating, and cross-upsell.

3. Use CTA -Your customer shouldn’t have any doubt as to what will happen when they click a button or link.

Use second CTA as well. i.e. Primary Add to cart with Secondary "Add to wishlist"

4.  Site Speed - It's quite important to the speedy site. 

Here are a few recommendations for overall website performance:

Make sure caching (including query and full-page caching) is enabled on your site.

Use a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve static content and HTML files.

Clean up any inactive CMS pages and remove out-of-date promotions and products.

Limit the number of concurrent promotions, and disable any functionality you’re not using.


5. Be Mobile Friendly

A growing number of your potential customers will be visiting your store via their mobile phones or tablet computers.

According to research, consumers spend 66 percent of retail time on cell phones. They’re also using smartphones to comparison shop or check for coupons while in the store.

Make sure customers aren’t waiting for image-heavy pages to load or struggling to view pages optimized for desktop or laptop screens.

Your site should be easy to navigate on any smartphone without a lot of pinching and scrolling, and images should be optimized for mobile so that they load quickly

6. Stay With Your Customer

There are several reasons customers abandon shopping experiences, according to conversion experts. But those sales aren’t necessarily lost.

Persistent shopping cart functionality works by establishing a long-term cookie for each device a customer uses to login to your site.

Enabling wish lists and “save for later” functionality are other ways to keep customers engaged until they’re ready to buy

7.  Offer Multiple Payment & Shipping Options

8. Make it Personal

The more you know about your customers, the more you can give them what they want. Segment your customers based on their behaviors (how much they spend, what they buy, how often they buy) and demographics (age, gender, country, city, state, region), as well as other data you collect. You can even collect data about first-time or unknown site visitors and segment them based on items they’ve browsed, what OS they’re using, or how they found your site.

9. Use Price Promotions Wisely

Once you’ve optimized your site for performance and usability, it’s time to focus on price promotions. Keep in mind, however, that overusing price promotions could permanently alter the way customers perceive your brand.

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