It's been 9 years....Lucent Innovation is celebrating its 9th Anniversary.

Nidhi Inamdar|4/1/2022, UTC|2 MIN READ|
//It's been 9 years....Lucent Innovation is celebrating its 9th Anniversary.


The term lucent refers to something that is luminous or emits light.So the name of the  company  Lucent Innovation was inspired by this word.  It is established by two young folks who aspired to be entrepreneurs and succeeded in doing so. Mr. Ashish Kasma is a software engineer who has worked for firms such as Accenture and Wipro. He brings 8 years of industry experience and skills to the table. Mr. Nitesh Kasma is a pharmacologist who left his work as a toxicologist to start this business. Mr. Ashish Kasma, on the other hand, developed and managed Lucent's technology. Mr. Nitesh Kasma put his expertise to work in the company's business development department. From being an e-commerce solution partner to providing new Global Digital and software services to enterprises that have expanded tremendously and continue to do so, the company has thrived.

The Beginning.

Presenting  business plan for Medihbin  at IIM Ahmedabad - 2013. 3rd prize winner.

We began with only two people and slowly our team started expanding and the ride has been splendid so far. There were a lot of placement drives where we got many of our incredible talent.

Placement Drives.

We also grew internationally, and became Shopify Gold partners from Shopify Experts.

We have enjoyed a lot of picnics together. A lot of priceless moments to cherish.


Birthday celebrations are a must together.

We celebrate all the festivals with fun and joy.

Independence Day celebration.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. But here our journey presents the hard work, efforts and challenges that we went through to reach our position of success today. We thank our team who stood by us right from the beginning. The faces changed but each one had a contribution to the growth of Lucent Innovation. We are grateful to our clients who believed in us and  supported us all these years. Hope they will continue to do so in the future too.


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Why Lucent...



Learning comes not only with training but it comes as we facilitate the learning of the organization as well as individuals and the clients continuously refurbishing ourselves.



We believe in Innovation and have started our company based on that concept. When you don't transform you become stagnant.
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Team Work

We work efficiently as a team. We self-monitor. We deliver results efficiently with the help of multiple perspectives and skill sets. We form strong working relationships as we communicate well with each other.

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