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What is a Technology stack?

A technology stack is a collection of data technology solutions that you may utilize to run and improve your software as a whole. To generate well-developed software, it combines framework and script languages. For certain software functionality, a specialized technology stack is chosen. However, the fact that technology stacks are difficult to challenge lends them significance. Technology stacks are a collection of many technology tools, making them uncommon among hackers who are skilled at hacking individual technologies. 

Why are you in need of a Technology stack?

If you employ stack technology, the performance of your software will be stable and effective. It can run without any glitches or technical difficulties.

Independent tools will make managing the stack technologies more difficult for the developer. The coding is simple to create. Because the stack technology is interdependent, it will lower maintenance costs. As a result, the correct codebase can save you money by preventing all kinds of petty and unnecessary charges and ensuring that your application runs smoothly.

Even though it takes a long time, employing a Technology stack to code and build software is more effective and difficult to hack. Because the stack technology documents every function, it is easier to address problems or technical glitches.

If you want to make a web app nowadays, you may choose from a wide range of distinctive and innovative web designs. They're all built on top of a 'tech stack.' You must choose the proper tech stack to give an excellent web experience to users to ensure quick web development and increased productivity.

You might be unsure which technology stack is best for your company. Have you heard of the 'MERN Stack'?

MERN Stack is a set of technologies (frameworks, libraries, databases, and more) that may be utilized to create high-end web applications. It's a JavaScript stack made to make the development process as seamless as possible. MERN is an acronym that stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js, and it offers an end-to-end framework to web developers.


The MERN Stack is made up of four primary components, or technologies:

MongoDB (Database) is a NoSQL (Non-Structured Query Language) Database System that is mostly used for generating document databases.

Express is a programming language that is largely used in the development of Node. Web framework in js

R stands for React, which is predominantly used for client-side development. Framework for JavaScript

The letter N stands for node. js, which is primarily used in the development of the leading JavaScript web server.

Understanding the MERN Stack's components:

1. MongoDB

A Document-Oriented Database that Runs on Any Platform. MongoDB is a NoSQL database in which each record is a document made up of key-value pairs that look like JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) objects. MongoDB is adaptable, allowing users to design schemas, databases, and tables, among other things. MongoDB's fundamental unit is the documents that are recognized by a primary key. Users can also utilize the Mongo shell once MongoDB has been installed. Mongo shell has a JavaScript interface that allows users to communicate and perform actions (eg: querying, updating records, deleting records).

Why should you use MongoDB?

  • Swift-Because it's a document-oriented database, indexing documents is simple. As a result, a quicker response.
  • Scalability-Large amounts of data can be managed by splitting them among multiple machines. MongoDB makes use of JavaScript, which is its main advantage.
  • Schema Less -Separate document for any sort of data.
  • Objects, Object Members, Arrays, Values, and Strings are all stored in JSON format. The JSON syntax is simple to understand. JSON is supported by a wide range of browsers.
  • Data sharing-Data of any size and type (video, audio) can be simply shared.
  • Setup MongoDB in a Straightforward Environment -Setting up MongoDB is really simple.
  • MongoDB features a flexible document model (tables, schemas, columns, and SQL) that is faster and easier to use.

2. Express.js

Express is a Node.js framework for back-end development. Rather than writing the code in Node.js and building a slew of Node modules, Express makes writing the back-end code much simpler and easier. Express helps in building amazing web apps and APIs. Many middleware are supported by Express, making code shorter and easier to develop.

Why should you utilize Express?

  • Single-threaded and asynchronous.
  • Efficacious, quick, and scalable.
  • Has the largest Node community.
  • With its built-in router, js Express encourages code reuse. API with lots of features.

3. React: A Front-End Framework

The React library is a JavaScript library for making user interfaces. Because of its potential to manage unexpectedly changing data, React is employed in the construction of single-page functions and mobile applications. Users can code with JavaScript and construct UI aspects with React.

Why should you use React?

A virtual DOM object is a virtual version of a DOM object. The virtual DOM is a replica of the original DOM. Any change to the web application causes the virtual DOM to be re-rendered throughout the whole UI. The differences between the original DOM and this virtual DOM are then compared, and adjustments are applied to the original DOM as needed. JavaScript XML is abbreviated as JSX. It's a JavaScript Extension for HTML/XML that's utilized in React. Makes writing React components more straightforward. Components are supported by ReactJS. Components are the UI's building blocks, each with its logic and contribution to the overall UI. These elements also aid code reuse and make the whole web application more understandable. High Performance — With features like Virtual DOM, JSX, and Components, it is substantially faster than the competition. Developing Android/IOS Apps — With React Native, you can easily build Android or iOS apps using only JavaScript and ReactJS skills.

4. Node.js

Node.js is a runtime environment for the Java programming language. The JavaScript Environment provided by Node.js allows users to run their code on the server (outside the browser). The user can choose from thousands of free packages (node modules) to download using the Node Pack Manager, or npm.

Why should you use Node.JS?

JavaScript Runtime Environment is a project that is a free and open-source project.

Single threading -The model is single-threaded.Node.js provides a quick code execution because it is built on Google Chrome's JavaScript Engine. Extremely scalable.

Working of MERN stack

MERN features a 3-tier architecture system, which is made up of three layers:

The following are the layers:

The web is used as a front-end tier.

The middle tier is the server.

As a backend tier, a database is used.

1. Web or front-end tier 

React.js is solely accountable for the top tier of the MERN stack. It is one of the most widely used open-source front-end JavaScript libraries for Web application development. It is well-known for its ability to create dynamic client-side applications. React allows you to create complex interfaces with just a few components. It also connects the data on the backend server to those sophisticated interfaces. React is used to construct both mobile and online applications (React Native). React enables users code reusability and easy support, which has several advantages and saves a lot of effort. It allows users to develop massive web apps that can easily alter page data without having to reload the page.

2.The server

Often known as the middle-tier, is the layer underneath the top layer and is mostly handled by two MERN stack components: Express.js and Node.js. Because Express.js maintains the server-side framework, which runs inside the Node.js server, these two components manage it simultaneously. Express.js is a popular JavaScript framework for backend development. It makes it considerably easier for developers to create sophisticated APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and web servers. It also enhances Node.js HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) objects with useful features. On the other hand, Node.js is a critical component in its own right. It is a cross-platform runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser, and it is an open-source server environment. Node.js makes extensive use of JavaScript, making it possible for a computer user to easily develop any web service or mobile application.

3.Using a database as the backend tier

It is one of the most significant tiers of the MERN Stack, and it is mostly handled by MongoDB; the major job of a database is to store all of the data linked to your application, such as content, statistics, information, user profiles, and comments, among other things. It primarily stores all of the data for the sake of security. It keeps track of everything and usually gives the data back to the user when it's needed. It mostly keeps information in a database. It creates two or more replica files of the data so that if the system fails, the user can still get the precise information or data they were looking for. It means MongoDB does not use a table-like relational database structure. On the other hand, it offers a completely different method of data retrieval and storage.

MongoDB, an open-source document-oriented database, is the most popular NoSQL (NoSQL or Non Structured Query Language) database. The phrase 'NoSQL' refers to a non-relational database that does not require a set structure or relational tables to contain the required data. MongoDB stores data in a format other than relational tables, which are made up of rows and columns.

Nikunj Viradiya, a MERN stack developer at Lucent Innovation quotes-

“After learning MERN, I found my development process for a website could become much simpler. One of the rising libraries to help us quickly develop applications is ReactJS, which allowed me to set up a quick development environment with JSX, meaning just JavaScript in the XML syntax! Moreover, Nodejs and Express will give you the server to work with during front-end development. My favorite part of it all are MongoDB and its NoSQL and JSON structure that allows for an easy database query because JSON is really simple to understand unlike most other forms of databases. When developing a website, this is what you need - an ultimate toolset that comes together in one place, enabling you to develop both client and server-side code.”




Mongo DB, Angular, Express, and Node constitute its technology stack. 

MongoDB, React, Express, and Node constitute its technology stack.

It's a framework for JavaScript. 

It's a free and open source JS library.

It has a steep learning curve. 

It has significantly superior documentation.

It uses the Typescript programming language. 

It involves the use of JavaScript and JSX.

It aids with the maintenance and rendering of code.

It aids for seamless rendering.

It has a bidirectional data flow.

Its data flow is unidirectional.

It is not compatible with mobile applications.

It is compatible with mobile applications.


Why use MERN?

No context switching: JavaScript is used to develop both the client-side and server-side of the web application; the web application does not require context switching and provides efficient web apps.

MVC: It uses a Model-View-Controller architecture to make developing a web application easier for developers.

Full-stack: You get highly compatible and robust technologies working tangibly together and efficiently handling client and server-side development faster because there is no context switching.

Simple Learning Curve: To benefit from it while designing web apps, developers only need to have a solid knowledge of JS and JSON.

Code Maintenance: You receive easy code maintenance and issue repair with MERN stack development for your web apps, making it a cost-effective alternative. It also includes a set of robust testing tools.

Strong Community: The technological stack has an influential community that assures you can always discover solutions out there, thanks to apps like Airbnb, Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram.

Flexibility: In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, the tech stack's components are open source, so there are no licensing issues, and because of the tech stack's popularity, you have numerous options for getting your web application constructed.

Why should you choose Lucent Innovation to hire MERN Stack Developers?

We can provide you with MERN stack developers who work swiftly and follow an agile style. Expertise is used to provide cost-effective solutions that take advantage of the tech stack's benefits. Any web application demands quick and timely delivery, as well as round-the-clock support and maintenance. With a well-organized organizational structure, you can choose from a variety of hiring modules. Lucent Innovation tries to keep itself updated with the latest and advanced technology trends incorporating them into our work culture to achieve better business results.

Lucent Innovation is a full-service software design and development company and an expert e-commerce solution provider. We create custom applications for our clients leading to an improvement in the efficiency, increased growth and profitability of the business. We also build e-commerce websites that are ready to sell, scale and grow. We at Lucent Innovation have the talent that creates robust front end applications with the latest trends.

Contact us for your next project!

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