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Product Personalization is personalizing the products as per the needs of the customer. Product personalization is very popular as people like to buy something they want and customization gives them the power to alter the product as per their own specifications. Product personalization leads to increased sales and better customer loyalty.

A.  Moonglow

    We helped our client Moonglow which provides customized moon jewelry to create various customizations.

     As you can see from the image, we added customizations in three steps.

    Step 1. The customer chooses their moon phase.

    Step 2. The customer chooses their chain length

    Step 3. The customer can add a personalized engraving

    These options greatly increase the real and perceived value of the product as it’s completely unique. This increase in value directly leads to increased sales plus increased order value.

    B.  Vianel New York

      Vianel NY sells high end accessories such as wallets, iPhone cases etc. We built a highly sophisticated personalization allowing for multiple personalization options along with a “preview” feature to see the finished product before they purchase which increases customer trust and comfort plus reduces product returns and dissatisfaction.

      In Step 1, the customer can choose multiple lines of text to be printed on their iPhone case, followed by selecting their preferred print type.


      In Step 2, you can choose your font type and color.


      In Step 3, the customer can choose any emoji they want to add to their iPhone case.


      As product personalization becomes more common there’s an anticipation and, in some cases, an expectation that websites will offer these features. So please contact us if you are interested in selling customized products and bringing a personal touch to your products.



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