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Today buying a product online is easy. You can browse for something from your house, send an item straight to yourself or a friend, replace household items while commuting and you can get anything, from anywhere.

But there’s a Dark Side. Because people can buy anything conveniently, the tradeoff is that they can’t try it in advance to make sure they actually like it. This leads to the headache of The Return a process where a customer decides they don’t actually want something they bought and wants to get a refund for it. It’s a part of any business, and every merchant should set up clear and consistent return policies from the beginning.

We’ve found an amazing new app called Return Magic, which integrates with Shopify and Shopify Plus makes submitting and receiving a return request way easier.

Let's see how to return magic app work and set up in few seconds.

How does the app work?


Return Magic helps to create a brand portal on your website where customers can submit a return request from the device. Here’s steps what they’ll do:

  • Enter their order ID and email address, to recognize what the purchase was
  • Choose which items from their ticket they’re returning
  • Select why they’re returning  (that's helpful to merchants)
  • Choose how they want to receive a refund: cash, exchange or store credit
  • Generate a shipping label they can print and take to their shipping provider

The focus is making it quick, smooth for users - which is definitely something you as a merchant can advertise.


Merchant will get a dashboard straight into your Shopify Admin that you can use to process returns. It’s a centralized place to deal with everything. you can receive requests, setting up rules, getting insight, and managing refunds.

Recognized why clients are returning items:

There are some types of returns that you can’t recognize. there are plenty of return reasons you can try to prevent. Return Magic asks your customers why they’re returning, so you can take note because a lot of people finding the same issue with the product.

Verify that a return is legal:

Someone sends a product back and you give them an automatic refund, only after which you realize they’ve stained or damaged the product. Either you can dispute the refund with the customer, or write off the item as a loss.

Return Magic does it a bit creatively - after you receive the return, you note on your dashboard quality control questions. If the product is damaged or altered, you can choose to give a partial or no refund or store credit instead of a refund. Return Magic gives you the option to set up automatic verification settings to calculate how much they’ll be getting as a refund.

Setup how and how much to refund:

Many startups simply don’t have the budget to give a full cash refund for every item that’s given back. If you want, you can use Return Magic to set up several modes for receiving a refund, including exchange or store credit. Besides these options, you can customize how much a return will cost the customer.

Choose Refund Rules :

Similarly, sometimes simply too expensive to refund every return - especially if they’re being shipped internationally or purchases were made during a sale. You can set up  “refund rules” you want to stay in control of returns and make sure that you’re managing your costs. This can help you avoid giving a full refund to someone who’s purchased using a discount code, can exclude sale or other items from being refundable, or anything else.


Here’s all you need to do setup start using Return magic with Shopify:

  1. Download the app throw Shopify app store :returnmagic
  1. Install Return magic app in your Shopify store:return magic install
  1. Set up your policies and rules:

Your return policies should be clear and consistent. You can use Return Magic to make your own return policies that work for your company and publish them directly to your website. Rules, such as exclusions of sale items or exchange-only returns, can help you stay in control of your returns process.

return magic policy

  1. Test it out :

Before you go live, it’s important to test out that your rules work and your policies make sense. Try processing a return yourself (though don’t worry, you get to keep your stuff).

  1. Choose a shipping provider to integrate with

Your customers will be able to generate their own shipping label, but only if you pair up with a shipping provider. You’ve probably already done this, so just set up what you’re already using.

  1. Pay per month depending on how many returns you have:

Return Magic’s pricing is based on how many returns you have. It’s basically $1 per return but gets cheaper with each return after 10 orders.

if you want to integrate return magic on your store, We can help you figure out how to setup Return magic. Connect us to learn more about making returns (and everything else) easier to handle.

Ashish Kasama

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