Insights of Unite 2017

Aashish Kasma|5/3/2017, UTC|2 MIN READ|
//Insights of Unite 2017


On April 20 2017, there were more than 1000 shopify partners from all over the world came to attend the shopify unite in San Fransisco: a two-day event to discuss all things Shopify, commerce, and technology. Shopify continues to innovate for both for large volume and mid sized merchants. Even though there was a power outage, presentations were held.

This is for the second time shopify gained immense of success and huge popularity with over million of active users across the globe.From VIP dinners to important announcements, shopify this year mesmerized merchants, store ownwers, developers and experts.

Folllowing are the important announcements made by shopify:

Shopify Chip and Swipe Reader:

Card reader would make the merchant's work easier by having pos system. The device even allows debit and credit cards. Swipe reader with bluetooth connectivity, allows a merchant to assist a customer with reader in hand which enables you to do business from anywhere. Also, its costs for $29 for existing customers and new merchants can get it for free.

Shopify Pay:

A new checkout option to save their credit card and shipping information to reduce the amount of time to purchase with shopify merchants and this would save loads of cart abandonments. Once registered and information added, customerswould only need email address and six digit code is sent to their phone through sms.

New Sales Channels:

Recently, amazon, messenger, kikwish which helps shop owners to sell and provide customer support, are added.

Payment Scripts:

To lift the conversion rates, shopify plus merchants can offer customers a more relevant checkout experience where shopify merchants would have more control in presenting different payment gateways.

Enabling In-Game Purchases:

In-game transactions are already popular in the world of gaming. But the Unity Buy SDK will make physical product purchases possible in-game too.

Mobile Store Builder:

Here, merchants can built native apps for their store without any coding experience. Apps are built based on template system using customizable themes and it will soon be available on Apple app Store and Google Play Store. Beta version would be launched soon by the last week of May 2017.

While there was a power outage on most of second day, all the presentations were still held outside the fort mason building. Ecommerce gang worked together to make the event successfull inspite of power outage.


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