Weekend- Funday with Lucent innovation Team (Picnic- Refreshing Time)

Aashish Kasma|5/14/2018, UTC|3 MIN READ|
//Weekend- Funday with Lucent innovation Team (Picnic- Refreshing Time)



When employees hear team picnic in the company, react like yehhhh...!!  that moments come and go but with that moment's create so many quality memory. Company picnics are great morale boosters. They strengthen teamwork and encourage interdepartmental integration.

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After many discussion with employees, Lucent Innovation has organized a picnic on 12th May at Pleasure Club. All team members were so excited for that day. everyone ready for the picnic at 7 am.

Firstly we met at pleasure club around 10 am and capture so many photos and create some memory.

We should thank people who capture those all memory (shayar vaghela, shivani shah, Ashish kasma).

The day started with breakfast and cricket

Lucent innovation team played lucent premier league. All team members were divided into 2 teams. one team captain was Gunjan Patel and second team captain was Milind Patel.

Both teams were full of energy and teams played well but at the end, one team has to win !!

Milind team won LPL match and Kishan was a man of the match.

The great part happens in the match was all girls participated in the match even you can say not only participated in the match but played cricket very well.


Swimming time

All team members child out in swimming pool. Enjoyed hot sunshine and pool party with dance rock songs.

lucent innovation


Around 2 pm we all went for the lunch had delicious food charge up our self and play indoor games.

Indoor games time

After hot summer day, we decided to stay in and played indoor games, Chess, Table tennis, Card, Carrom. Team members played games as per choice.

Fun time


Evening time

After a hot day, We all played blindfold that game reminded everyone their childhood memory in the cool evening. We ended games by playing dumb sharas in the cool evening where team members acting and guess movies names was too funny and #mastimoment.

Dinner Time:

Day ended with Light dinner, Ashish kasma and Nitesh kasma given a short and sweet speech for the encouraging employees for their dedication toward work and also Core employees share their view, emotions, and experience with Lucent Innovation.

We thanks to Swarna Pandey for the arranging a wonderful picnic.

End of the day, We said bye to each other and kept this memory forever. #lucentinnovationteam

Aashish Kasma

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