What has Flutter 3.3 added for a better user experience ?

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Google I/O launched Flutter 3 with compatibility for six operating systems about three months ago. The upgrade introduced several fresh and intriguing features, including support for foldable phones and a toolbox for casual gaming. 

The most recent Flutter version was released on August 30, 2022, and it included a ton of enhancements and features to make developing and optimizing mobile applications easier. We will discuss all the most recent features and updates that, in one way or another, can help both developers and businesses.

So, let's get started without further ado!

What are the major features of Flutter 3.3?

  • Performance improvements
  • Improved image loading speed - The new Flutter 3.3 version greatly reduces the time it takes an image to load by cutting back on copies and dart garbage collection. Before the release of this Flutter version, multiple copies of the compressed data were required for the 'ImageProvider' API to successfully load asset images.
  • But when the 'UI.ImmutableBuffer.fromAsset' function was added, the 'ImageProvide' pipeline saw a considerable modification. Without having to go through the trouble of replicating the compressed data, Flutter developers may easily decode the compressed data.

  • Framework improvements
  • More efficient rich text editing
  • The 'TextInputClient' is not effective enough to reflect the delta offset between both the new and old editing state even before the Flutter 3.3 release, leaving a gap in the information. But with the new Flutter version, you may use the plugin "TextInput'' to get precise text changes.
  • With this Flutter version, it is possible to create input fields with the appropriate style changes. You may view the demo right here.

  • Global selection made simpler
  • Previously, Flutter could not be used to copy components from a web app. To help developers achieve this, the most recent Flutter 3.3 release added a "SelectionArea" widget. They can now pick everything with a single sliding motion.
  • Richer user experience and smoother control are advantages.
    Global selection flutter                                                                                  Source 
  • Updated Material Design 3 features
  • Material Design 3 has seen several interesting improvements in Flutter's most recent version, 3.3.0.
  • Material Design 3 is a potent Android theming engine for those who are unfamiliar.
  • Developers may quickly and simply create unique, intuitive looks for your Flutter apps using the specific additional features in the Application bar, chip, material design protocol, & IconButton.
    Benefits: More design options for better Flutter applications. 
  • Flutter Chips

    Flutter Chips                                                                                          Source 
  • Flutter Icons
    Flutter Icons
  • Introducing Scribble

  • As a result of Jami Couch, a longtime member of the Flutter community, scribbling is now supported in Flutter 3.3. It's thrilling, enjoyable, and hassle-free. As long as they have updated to Flutter 3.3, developers can now doodle on their iPads utilizing widgets like Editable text, TextField, and CupertinoTextField.
    Flutter Scribble
  • Upgrades in Desktop
  • There were issues with how Windows set their version because they used a specific Windows file to do so before a Flutter 3.3 upgrade. Other operating systems, on the other hand, frequently caused conflicts or made it difficult to deploy upgrades.
  • However, the most recent Flutter upgrade makes sure that programmers can alter the project's Windows app version solely through the "pubspec. YAML" file and build parameters.

  • Upgrading the rendering layer
  • The new graphics processor Impeller is a brand-new graphic engine that was included to Flutter 3.3. The efficiency of Flutter applications is predicted to increase thanks to this new rendering layer. If you have been following Flutter closely, you are aware that it has always used the Skia Graphics Engine.
  • The new Impeller is likely to substantially enhance the efficiency of hardware APIs like Metal (for iOS) and Vulkan, even though the graphics engine now in use is quite effective in terms of performance (for Android).
  • It also does not require any run-time shader compilation, which is a benefit. With the visual engine, developers can create animation designs that are slick and provide greater performance.

  • Improved API performance is an advantage.

  • Revision to the VS code extension
    Flutter code extension
  • With the VS Code extension or the Dart: Add dependency command, adding 3rd plugins, addons, etc. to your Flutter projects has become much simpler. Developers can install many packages or extensions at once using the comma (,) separator in the most recent Flutter 3.3 version. Here, look at the illustration to learn how.

The Wonderous UI app

The Gskinner team worked with the Flutter developers to produce the Wonderous app. It is among the most captivating and instructive UI and graphic works where a user or viewer can explore the wonders of the universe, art, and history.

It is a fantastic resource for demonstrating to other programmers and business units that Flutter has the potential of using the appropriate UI and UX approaches. For the audience, they can serve as models for creating comparable engaging experiences.

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