What is a CRM system and the best CRM systems in 2022.

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A business does not exist without customers swarming into it.

Or most likely it could exist but would be flushed out sooner or later without a constant income stream that will keep your business running.

Understanding client behavior and expectations are critical if your business is to succeed in a competitive market because customer happiness is directly related to your income.

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, is a technology that enables a business to provide a unique experience to its customers, establish stronger relationships, track sales, manage, and prioritize.

By giving a comprehensive picture of all customer contacts, tracking sales, organizing, and prioritizing tasks, CRM systems help your organization create a unique and smooth experience for your customers while also creating better relationships.

CRM systems are more than a Sales Software.

CRM systems are utilized for more than just maintaining and tracking contact information. While many companies consider CRM software to be primarily a sales tool, many systems today provide much more.

Although most CRM systems provide all of the essential elements, you can expand your capabilities by utilizing extra integrated features. A CRM with integrated marketing, for example, enables you to segment your customer base, conduct email messages, and track their interaction. With an integrated customer care app, you can manage customer assistance directly from the CRM and track everything back to the customer's record. Some CRM systems provide specialized interfaces, such as project management, that allow you to keep control of all your conversations and activities in one place.

We've selected some fantastic CRM systems for 2022, together with their essential features, support, and basic pricing, to give you a head start on picking the appropriate CRM system for your company.

1.Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems CRM software is an all-in-one system that covers everything you need to manage your sales and marketing. The CRM is primarily intended for small and medium-sized firms that do business with other businesses. It's simple to set up and learn in a matter of minutes, without sacrificing quality.

It is a straightforward CRM solution with simple sales tools like contact and pipeline management, quotes, tasks, email integration, reports, and projections. It also includes marketing and customer service add-ons. Even for beginners, its straightforward interface makes it simple to set up and navigate. Those who are having difficulty with it, however, can take advantage of its free instructions and customer help.

Features of Really Simple Systems

For company records, contacts, and storage, there is no limit.

  • Contact and pipeline management, quotations, sales forecasting, prospect history, commodities, tasks and calendars, geolocations, and email connectivity are just a few of the sales CRM capabilities available.
  • Campaign and lead management, email designer, design templates, personalized content, contact segmentation and lists, web forms, and response tracking are some of the marketing capabilities available.
  • Case management, service level agreements (SLAs), case prioritization, and email connectivity are all features of the service desk CRM.
  • Ad-hoc listing and predictions, custom reports, advanced reports (including subtotals and summary), scheduled reports, and custom chart widgets are among the reporting capabilities available.
  • Fields, tables, drop-down lists, dashboards, webpages, and charts can all be customized.

Really Simple Systems is a straightforward yet powerful CRM system that includes everything a small or medium-sized company requires to manage sales and marketing.

2. Freshsales

Freshsales is a simple sales automation platform that includes a powerful cloud telephony system with toll-free numbers, call monitoring and blocking, simulated hold, voicemails, and the ability to use your carrier (BYOC). It features advanced contact management, auto-profile enhancement, and a mobile app. There's also a free option with an unlimited number of people. Furthermore, all programmes include customer assistance via call, chat, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Features of Freshsales

  • Management of contacts, accounts, stages of the contract lifecycle, and activity chronology
  • Tasks, meetings, and notes are all things that you should keep track of.
  • Modules for CRM renaming
  • Management of transactions
  • Import and export of data, as well as data migration
  • Built-in phone dialer, ability to purchase regional and toll-free number, and inbound caller ID Chat widget and threads
  • Classic forms, smart forms, and website tracking are examples of website integration tools.
  • Access based on roles
  • Apps for iOS and Android are available.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, chat, and email. 

3. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a platform that combines sales, marketing, and process automation techniques. In addition, all paid tiers include email and phone support. Using gamification elements, healthy competition, and team cooperation, this CRM improves user engagement and pushes sales teams to deliver outcomes. Each rep's performance and ranking are displayed on personalized leaderboards.

Features of Agile CRM

  • Limitless contacts, businesses, projects, deals, and documents are supported.
  • Contact management, lead tracking, scheduling appointments, custom transaction milestones, custom data fields, email monitoring, project management, and engagement are some of the sales tools available.
  • E-marketing, newsletters, email monitoring, multichannel campaigns, form builders, landing page builders, social tracking, and web-to-lead forms are among the marketing tools available.
  • Help desks, groups, labels, scripted responses, knowledge bases, service levels (SLAs), and live chat are examples of service tools.
  • Two-way calling, post-call scripting, call recording, automated voice calls, call scripting, and audio conferencing are all telephony features.
  • Customized reports, periodic reports, development reports, channel and cohorts analysis, customer behavior, site speed, and team performance are all examples of reporting and analytics solutions.
  • Applications for iOS and Android are available.


4. Hubspot CRM

It includes many of the capabilities found in expensive CRMs, HubSpot CRM is our choice for the best free CRM for millions of users. Funnel management, email linkage, marketing automation, monitoring dashboards, email monitoring, helpdesk, and ad management are some of the free tools available. This platform also features a user-friendly intuitive interface managing consumers simply for salespeople.

Features of Hubspot

  • Contact administration, contact site activities, businesses, transactions, projects, events, and company insights are all CRM technologies.
  • Surveys, email campaigns, ad management, landing sites, a common inbox, and list segmentation are examples of marketing tools.
  • Bookings, email schedules, and ticket closure reports are examples of service tools.
  • Gmail, Outlook, Messenger, and the App Marketplace are among the integrations. A reporting dashboard for activity and performance information is available.
  • A shared mailbox, email monitoring, email templates, and prefabricated snippets are just a few of the email options available.
  • Documents related to sales
  • Voice-over-internet-protocol in-app calling (VoIP)
  • HubSpot Academy, as well as community support and knowledge base, are all available.

5.Pipedrive CRM
Pipedrive's visualization features make CRM data easier to understand when compared with other types of CRMs. It has Kanban-style pipelines with drag-and-drop capabilities, as well as customizable dashboards. Apart from that, this platform provides in-app calling as well as interaction with over 250 services and products from its Marketplace. You may also use its SmartDocs function to send trackable quotations, bids, and agreements to your clients.

Features of Pipedrive

  • Up to an infinite number of contracts, custom post types, and reports are supported.
  • Customizable pipelines, product catalogs, custom fields, lead inboxes, deal management, data exports and imports, and merging duplicate data are just a few of the lead and deal management capabilities.
  • Remarks and comments, file attachments, a contacts map, and activity notifications are just a few of the contact and activity management options available.
  • Email inbox, email tracking, customized email campaigns, dialer, video call, e-signatures, project tracking, and meeting calendar are some of the communication and collaborative tools available.
  • Smart Docs (real-time quotes, propositions, and contracts)
  • The Sales Assistant, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), workflows, API access, and web hooks are all examples of automation technologies (push notification to an endpoint of choice)
  • Deal and activity reporting, corporate and user goals, graphic dashboards, recurring revenue, subscription fees, revenue forecasting, and team goals are all available.

Customer relationship management systems have numerous benefits.

  • Accurate reporting.
  • Sales conversions in your sales funnel have increased.
  • More personalized outreach using your automated systems.
  • More efficient Collaboration.
  • Automated processes increase productivity. 


All of the best CRM systems on this list for 2022 bring something special to the table in terms of resolving various management challenges and assisting you in driving your business forward. This means you'll have to try a few to see which ones work best for you. 

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