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Lucent Innovation specializes in Angular development and is at the forefront of creating innovative and efficient apps. When you hire Angular developers from us, you are not just outsourcing a project; you are teaming up with dedicated specialists who will bring your vision to reality.
Our approach begins with an in-depth review of UX development and design, after which our professionals, driven by competency and quality, focus on producing dynamic apps adapted to your demands. Our Angular developers are committed to not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations through strategic capital deployment and rigorous attention to every detail. Our objective is to see you succeed.


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Why hire Angular JS Developers from us?

Transform Your Web Experience: Our Angular Developers Are Architects of Digital Innovation

Looking to enhance your business with a seamless and sophisticated Android app? At Lucent Innovation, we pride ourselves on housing the industry's most talented minds ready to transform your vision into reality. When you hire Angular developers from our team, you're not just opting for experts with a deep understanding of core Java patterns and J2EE designs such as Adapters, Business Objects, Delegates, and more. You're aligning with a full-stack team dedicated to every Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) facet.

From meticulously analyzing business requirements to crafting custom, business-critical applications with precision, our Angular developers handle it all. By implementing third-party software and conducting thorough testing, we ensure your front-end architecture excels in both complexity and efficiency. Explore the Lucent Innovation advantage and hire Angular developers from us to propel your business to new heights. Experience innovation and excellence tailored just for you.

Extensive Developer Network: With access to over 100 professional developers, find the talent that matches your specific needs.

Experience You Can Trust: Our developers are not just skilled; they have a proven track record with 10+ years of experience in the field.

Cream of the Crop: Our talent pool represents the best, selected from the top 1% out of over a million developers globally.

Rapid Hiring Process: Why wait? With Lucent Innovation, you can find and hire the right developer within an impressive 48-hour window.

Streamlined and Stress-Free: Our hassle-free hiring process is designed to save you time and effort, making recruitment a smooth experience.

A History of Success: With over 1000 completed projects, our developers have the hands-on experience to tackle any challenge.

Global Client Satisfaction: Our reach extends worldwide, with over 500 satisfied clients who can attest to our exceptional service and quality.

Personalized Consultation: Begin your journey with a free 60-minute consultation tailored to understand and address your unique requirements.

Round-the-Clock Support: We're here for you 24/7, offering continual support to ensure your project runs seamlessly.

Risk-Free Exploration: Start with a comprehensive 7-day risk-free trial, a testament to our confidence in finding the perfect fit for your project.

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Case Studies

Discover how trèstique, an eco-friendly cosmetics brand, partnered with Lucent Innovation to skyrocket their sales with custom product bundles. Learn how this strategy improved the customer experience, reduced decision exhaustion, and increased revenue for the company. Find out how product bundles can streamline your e-commerce business and offer value to your customers.


Case Studies

We have a great team of Shopify Plus Developers who give their best to all of our clients. We optimized both the mobile & desktop versions for Go Noise. By effectively removing unused code & defects, our experts were able to speed up the website & enhance users' overall experience. In order to give visitors a seamless browsing experience & simple access to all pertinent product information, we also established a separate product page.


Case Study

Julia B, known for their custom-made artisanry, faced challenges in managing multiple vendors. Onboarding new vendors was a time-consuming task, leading to significant resource expenditure. To resolve this issue, Lucent Innovation developed a custom Vendor Admin application, allowing Julia B to create and manage vendor accounts for monogram and print vendors.


How to hire?

Angular Excellence, Accelerated Hiring: Choose the Right Developers Fast.

Choosing Lucent Innovation to recruit Angular developers is a decision based on innovation and scalability. Our professionals do more than simply code; they also establish intelligent synergy between front-end and back-end technologies such as Angular + Rails, Angular + Node, and Angular + PHP.

We anticipate your expansion and design of web architectures with that in mind. We embrace agile approaches as a prominent name in Angular development, specialized in SPAs with MVVM and MVC connections. Join our full-stack Angular team in defying the norm by creating web applications that are as scalable and safe as they are cutting-edge.


Assessing Your Needs and Selecting a Model

First, we evaluate your project's unique requirements. After discussing your needs, budget, timelines, and tech stacks, we offer flexible cooperation models, including full-time development teams or specific developers, to match your exact specifications and outsourcing needs.


Interviewing and Selecting the Perfect Fit

We carefully handpick a pool of seasoned developers aligning with your project's requirements. We assess hard and soft skills and English proficiency through a meticulous interviewing process to ensure the candidates perfectly complement your in-house team.


Team Assignment and Integration

Upon confirmation, developers are swiftly integrated into your internal workflows. We focus on effective collaboration, alignment with your corporate culture, and project goals. Our HR team ensures a seamless onboarding process in a fully equipped workplace or remote assistance.


Finalizing Approvals and Starting Work

We finalize the cooperation model, work scope, timelines, and number of developers by signing an NDA and SLA. This ensures business confidentiality, and we promptly commence work, assigning reliable PMs to ensure timely and quality achievements of your milestones.

Hire Dedicated Angular Developers and programmers for your business projects.

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Looking for something beyond the usual in app development? Lucent Innovation opens the door to innovation, creativity, and true craftsmanship when you decide to hire Angular developers from our team.

With Angular's myriad features at our fingertips, we see beyond the code and into the heart of your business needs. Our professional touch is not about using fancy terms; it's about understanding the very soul of a technological masterpiece that fits your specific requirements. Engaging our Angular developers isn't just a transaction; it's an invitation into a partnership where your vision becomes a tangible, thriving reality. From the early stages of conception to the triumphant launch, we're with you at every nuanced step, delivering an experience that's more than development; it's innovation personified. Don't just hire Angular developers; hire architects of your success, only at Lucent Innovation.

Custom AngularJS Development
Our team at Lucent Innovation specializes in custom AngularJS development, creating scalable and robust solutions for various business needs. From video streaming apps to social networking platforms, our developers are skilled and experienced in a wide range of applications.
Enterprise Web Applications
Seeking reliable, secure, and scalable web apps? Our Angular programmers create enterprise-grade web applications to help you manage workflows and gain better insights into your business processes. Hire dedicated Angular developers from Lucent Innovation at affordable rates.
Angular Web Application Development
Our Angular Web Application Development services blend proficiency in modern technologies such as XHTML, XHR, CSS, and JS. Hire Angular developers from Lucent Innovation to create interactive, dynamic portals tailored to your specific needs.
Trendy AngularJS Plugin Integration
Stay ahead of the curve by seamlessly integrating AI, Blockchain, IoT, and more into your web applications. Our developers ensure top performance and future-ready solutions.
Result-Oriented E-commerce Development
Experience the mastery of our AngularJS developers in building responsive, engaging e-commerce sites. Drive substantial traffic and increase sales with our specialized services when you hire Angular developers from our team.
Got a web app idea for the AngularJS framework? Our seasoned experts offer insightful AngularJS consulting services. We understand your needs, research, and brainstorm to deliver result-driven solutions tailored just for you.

Other Popular Angular Development Services

Transform your business with custom Software Solutions.

Angular Platform Migration Services

Upgrade your existing apps with our Angular platform migration services. Our full-stack Angular developers will ensure a smooth transition, delivering high speed, top security, and an easily manageable codebase. Migrations include CMS, Database, and Code.

Angular Support & Maintenance

Continuity is key, and our dedicated AngularJS development team provides timely support and maintenance for your Angular apps. Hire Angular app developers from Lucent Innovation and enjoy uninterrupted, smooth user experiences.

Angular with PHP

For a powerful Single Page Application (SPA) with a secure custom form, hire AngularJS experts from Lucent Innovation. We create a harmonized technology blend using Angular JS for the front-end and PHP for the back end.

Social Networking Apps

Elevate your social networking app with attractive UI aligned with the latest trends. Our dedicated AngularJS developers craft personalized, trendsetting social networking platforms.

Tech Stack



Angular Material
Angular CLI
Angular Universal


UI Libraries/ Framework

Angular Material
Clarity Design System



Spring Boot






Firebase APIs
OpenID Connect



Firebase Realtime Database
SQL Server


Hosting Platforms

AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Microsoft Azure
Firebase Hosting


Designer Tools

Adobe XD

Build these applications with the help of our Angular development services.

Hiring Angular developers at Lucent Innovation entails more than simply technical collaboration. It is about collaborating with passionate thinkers who infuse creativity into every endeavor. You are not just creating an app when you work with us; you are creating a digital masterpiece. Dive into perfection and let us create with intent and skill. Your next Angular project deserves only the finest. Let us get it done.

Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Angular is your best friend when you want to build SPAs that load a single HTML page and dynamically update content as the user interacts. Seriously, it's like turning your website into a native app.

Dynamic Web Forms

Do you have a ton of forms for user input? Angular excels in creating robust, dynamic forms that validate real-time information. Think of it as your front-end security guard.

Enterprise Web Apps

This is where Angular shines—building large-scale applications for businesses that are feature-rich but easy to maintain. It's a bit like constructing a skyscraper with a well-planned blueprint.

E-commerce Stores

Angular can help craft a smooth shopping experience with real-time functionalities like instant checkouts, live product suggestions, and even inventory management.

Real-Time Chat Apps

Whether it's customer service bots or an interactive social feed, Angular is up for the task. You get real-time data handling that makes live chats snappy and engaging.

Content Management Systems

Keeping your content fresh and easy to manage is crucial. Angular’s modular architecture makes it easy to update and manage content dynamically.

Data Dashboards

Imagine having a command center that offers real-time analytics and data visualization. Angular can make it happen with dashboards that update instantaneously.

Complete Your Team with more Competencies

Creating Dynamic Web Interfaces


Our developers have great React abilities, empowering them to design dynamic, highly interactive user interfaces for dynamic web application experiences.

Crafting Scalable Enterprise Applications

Java Experts

Our developers are skilled in Java and excel at creating dependable and scalable enterprise-level applications using the many libraries and frameworks offered by the Java ecosystem.

Strong Server-Side Application Development


Our talented Node.js specialists excel at building reliable server-side applications. Taking advantage of the extensive selection of libraries and modules in the Node.js ecosystem.

Creating Cross-Platform Mobile Experiences


Our specialists are skilled at creating seamless cross-platform mobile experiences because to their knowledge of Flutter. We can create creative and aesthetically pleasing apps for both the Android and iOS platforms

Tailor-made E-commerce Solutions


Customizing e-commerce solutions is a strong suit for our gifted Liquid developers. We customize online stores to match the particular requirements of businesses by utilizing the adaptability of the Liquid templating language.


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Good developers with experienced knowledge and who are always willing to suggest ways to improve your workflow.

Gibson Tang,Mighty Jaxx



Raintree Nursery

Good Earth

The Man Company

Jewelry Company



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