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Hire a data scientist from Lucent Innovation and enter the realm of sophisticated data analysis. Our professional team is not only knowledgeable but also deeply committed to the art of translating raw data into strategic insights. We capitalize on cutting-edge programming languages and advanced algorithms to guarantee that any decision you make is data-driven and precise.
Our data scientists specialize in catching trends, understanding patterns, and presenting them in a visually appealing and intuitive manner to you. Get a FREE consultancy from our data scientist.


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Why Hire Data Scientist From Us?

Innovation Rooted in Data Science

Empower your business with Lucent Innovation's data science expertise. Our team of proficient data scientists stands ready to transform your data into a strategic asset. With a deep understanding of the latest analytics and modeling approaches, they are a lot more than analysts; they are your partners in wading through the intricate data landscape. Their exceptional problem-solving skills and quantitative acumen ensure that every insight derived is a step toward your business's growth and efficiency.
Choosing a data scientist from Lucent Innovation is much more than a simple service agreement; it's the beginning of a transformative partnership. Our specialists do not merely sift through data—they infuse it with purpose, translating complex statistics into practical, actionable strategies. They possess a unique blend of expertise in data analytics, effective communication, and strategic consultation, making them a vital asset in your pursuit of innovation and achievement.
Embark on this journey with Lucent Innovation, and explore a world of opportunities with our data science expertise. Here, data transcends its numeric form, becoming the cornerstone of your business's forward momentum and future success.

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Experience You Can Trust: Our developers are not just skilled; they have a proven track record with 10+ years of experience in the field.

Cream of the Crop:Our talent pool represents the best, selected from the top 1% out of over a million developers globally.

Rapid Hiring Process:Why wait? With Lucent Innovation, you can end and hire the right developer within an impressive 48-hour window.

Streamlined and Stress-Free:Our hassle-free hiring process is designed to save you time and effort, making recruitment a smooth experience.

A History of Success:With over 1000 completed projects, our developers have the hands-on experience to tackle any challenge.

Global Client Satisfaction:Our reach extends worldwide, with over 500 satisfied clients who can attest to our exceptional service and quality.

Personalized Consultation:Begin your journey with a free 60-minute consultation tailored to understand and address your unique requirements. · Round-the-Clock Support: We're here for you 24/7, offering continual support to ensure your project runs seamlessly.

Risk-Free Exploration:Start with a comprehensive 7-day risk-free trial, a testament to our confidence in finding the perfect t for your project.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Discover how trèstique, an eco-friendly cosmetics brand, partnered with Lucent Innovation to skyrocket their sales with custom product bundles. Learn how this strategy improved the customer experience, reduced decision exhaustion, and increased revenue for the company. Find out how product bundles can streamline your e-commerce business and offer value to your customers.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

We have a great team of Shopify Plus Developers who give their best to all of our clients. We optimized both the mobile & desktop versions for Go Noise. By effectively removing unused code & defects, our experts were able to speed up the website & enhance users' overall experience. In order to give visitors a seamless browsing experience & simple access to all pertinent product information, we also established a separate product page.

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Case Study

Case Study

Julia B, known for their custom-made artisanry, faced challenges in managing multiple vendors. Onboarding new vendors was a time-consuming task, leading to significant resource expenditure. To resolve this issue, Lucent Innovation developed a custom Vendor Admin application, allowing Julia B to create and manage vendor accounts for monogram and print vendors.

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Simplifying Excellence in Data Science Hiring

The process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your project's needs. Simply submit your project specifications, and our team will meticulously evaluate them, providing you with a detailed assessment encompassing time, resources, and the most suitable technological stacks. Next, you have the unique opportunity to delve into our pool of expert candidates. Our selection process ensures that you find a data scientist whose skills not only align with your requirements but also complement the dynamics of your team. Finally, our engagement solidifies with a professional agreement, including a non-disclosure commitment, ensuring confidentiality and security. Once formalities are completed, your chosen data scientist seamlessly integrates into your team, ready to propel your development journey with their expertise. With Lucent Innovation, hiring a data scientist is not just a service; it's a gateway to transforming your data into strategic assets.


Assessing Your Needs and Selecting a Model

First, we evaluate your project's unique requirements. After discussing your needs, budget, timelines, and tech stacks, we offer flexible cooperation models, including full-time development teams or specific developers, to match your exact specifications and outsourcing needs.


Interviewing and Selecting the Perfect Fit

We carefully handpick a pool of seasoned developers aligning with your project's requirements. We assess hard and soft skills and English proficiency through a meticulous interviewing process to ensure the candidates perfectly complement your in-house team.


Team Assignment and Integration

Upon confirmation, developers are swiftly integrated into your internal workflows. We focus on effective collaboration, alignment with your corporate culture, and project goals. Our HR team ensures a seamless onboarding process in a fully-equipped workplace or remote assistance.


Finalizing Approvals and Starting Work

We finalize the cooperation model, work scope, timelines, and number of developers by signing an NDA and SLA. This ensures business confidentiality, and we promptly commence work, assigning reliable PMs to ensure timely and quality achievements of your milestones.

Convert Your Enterprise Data into Valuable Insights and Actionable Information by Hiring our Data Scientists.

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Hire Us for these Data Science Services

A data scientist is essential to unlocking the potential concealed within massive data stores in the data-driven world of today. At Lucent Innovation, we take immense pride in being able to provide exceptional data science services. When you hire a data scientist from us, you get more than just a specialist; you engage a partner who has the capacity to aid you in achieving your organizational objectives.

Comprehensive Data Science and Big Data Consulting
Hiring a data scientist from Lucent Innovation means bringing an expert to meticulously examine your existing data architecture. Our specialists delve deep into your data sources, rigorously analyzing and exploring your data lakes. They are adept at recommending the most suitable platforms for managing your data architecture, devising effective data pipeline construction processes, and providing data cleaning, processing, and transformation strategies to extract maximum value from your data.
Advanced-Data Collection Expertise
Our data scientists are not just experts but seasoned veterans in extensive data collection. With their profound web research capabilities and mastery of state-of-the-art technologies, they are skilled at gathering vast amounts of data crucial for generating valuable insights. Hiring our data science developers means ensuring that every piece of data, regardless of its type or scale, is meticulously collected and utilized.
Precise Data Preparation Techniques
Data preparation is an important phase in the process, and our data scientists are highly skilled in this domain. They perform rigorous data quality evaluations to mitigate discrepancies and assess the data for defects. Our team focuses on noise reduction, data volume minimization, and comprehensive data transformation, setting the foundation for effective machine learning model training.
Expert Data Modeling Solutions
Data modeling forms the core of efficient data management. Our team of data architects is proficient in creating visual representations of data sets tailored to your business context. They utilize precise tools and apply appropriate data modeling techniques to develop conceptual, logical, and physical models, ensuring a robust foundation for your data management strategy.
Advanced Data Analytics and Interpretation
Our data scientists specialize in extracting insights and interpreting complex data. They integrate varied data sets for robust analysis and collaborate with data engineers to leverage data warehouses, focusing on data-driven decision-making and predictive analytics to enhance business strategies.
Cutting-edge Data Visualization
Transforming complex data into an easily interpretable visual format is our forte. Our data scientists are not just analysts but visual storytellers. Hiring our full-time data scientists means your complex data insights will be converted into visually compelling representations, making identifying patterns, relationships, trends, and outliers in large datasets simpler.
Other Services

Transform your business with custom Software Solutions.

Targeted Data Training for Machine Learning

Data training is a nuanced aspect of data science, requiring highly skilled professionals. Our data scientists leverage labeled and unlabeled data to initiate learning models, including supervised, unsupervised, and hybrid. This approach ensures that your machine learning models are well-trained and can effectively refine their rules.

Building and Deploying Robust Machine Learning Models

Machine learning model creation and deployment require a high degree of proficiency. Our data scientists excel at developing various machine-learning models, that include Classification, Clustering, Natural Language Processing, and Forecasting. These models are designed to learn, adapt, evolve, and self-develop. Post-deployment, they are meticulously trained to deliver the anticipated outcomes.

Meticulous ML Model Evaluation and Fine-tuning

Following deploying machine learning models, our data scientists engage in rigorous evaluation and fine-tuning. They identify and rectify any anomalies, assess underperforming segments, and evaluate key metrics to measure the performance of the ML algorithms. They skillfully adjust hyperparameters to optimize the performance of the ML models, ensuring they meet your business objectives effectively.

Advanced Statistical Modeling

Our data scientists possess exceptional statistical skills, enabling them to create sophisticated statistical models. These models are instrumental in analyzing datasets for in-depth insights. Hiring our offshore data scientists means gaining access to professionals who can uncover relationships between variables, predict trends, and present data in an easily understandable format.

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Laravel Functionality
Laravel Jetstream
Model Factory Classes
Migration Squashing
Tailwind CSS For Views
Task Scheduling
Query Builder and Eloquent ORM Error Handling
File Storage
Mail service
Micro Service Architecture




Laravel Breeze Auth Scaffolding




October CMS






UX Designing

UX Designing

Blade Templating
Front-end Technologies i.e. React js
Vue js
Angular Js




Firebase Analytics
Amazon Web Services(AWS)


Version Control

Version Control





PHP Strome
Visual Studio
Code Notepad++


Designer Tool

Designer Tool

Zeplin Xd
Invision App




SQL Server

Build these applications with the help of our Data Scientist Services

Our data scientists are not only equipped with the latest technologies and methodologies. Still, they are also experts in delivering custom solutions that perfectly align with your unique data needs. Engage us for unrivaled excellence in data management and analysis.

Data-Driven E-Commerce Solutions 

Data is fundamentally important for decision-making in the e-commerce realm. Our data scientists are skilled at refining customer data to craft personalized shopping experiences and efficient supply chain management. They turn voluminous data into actionable insights, driving strategic growth for your business. With our expertise, e-commerce platforms can achieve enhanced customer engagement and increased sales through data-informed strategies.

Healthcare Data Management 

The healthcare sector is completely overwhelmed with data, from patient records to extensive research data. Our scientists have a wealth of experience creating secure, compliant, and efficient systems to handle this sensitive data. Through insightful data analysis, their expertise helps healthcare providers render patients better care by improving the accuracy of diagnoses and the effectiveness of treatments.

Financial Data Analysis 

In the financial sector, precision in data analysis is crucial. Our scientists construct systems capable of handling intricate financial datasets, ensuring secure transactions and effective fraud detection. They provide real-time financial insights, which are vital for informed investment decisions and risk management, thus bolstering the financial integrity and operational efficiency of financial institutions.

Telecommunications Data Handling 

For telecom companies, understanding and managing data is central to optimizing network usage, customer preferences, and service quality. Our data scientists implement sophisticated systems for handling large-scale, dynamic datasets, enabling improved service delivery and heightened customer satisfaction. This results in more effective network management and customer retention strategies for telecom businesses.

Retail and Consumer Analytics 

In retail, decoding customer behavior through data can transform your business strategy. Our scientists help you make the most of this data, providing valuable insights for targeted marketing, streamlined inventory control, and enhancing user shopping experiences. Acting upon this data, you can create effective marketing campaigns, maintain optimal inventory levels, and foster stronger customer loyalty in the retail sector.

Manufacturing Process Optimization 

Manufacturing demands efficiency and accuracy. Our data scientists analyze data on machinery, supply chain logistics, and product quality control to help streamline your production processes. This would result in improved efficiency, lowered operational expenses, and higher product quality, ultimately boosting your industrial competitiveness.

Logistics and Transportation Data Solutions 

In the logistics and transportation industries, data is significantly important for tasks like fleet coordination, route optimization, and ensuring on-time delivery. Our scientists create systems that analyze data in real-time, guaranteeing smooth operations and better consumer service. This leads to more effective route planning, reduced operational costs, and greater customer satisfaction with logistics and transportation services.

Energy Sector Data Management 

Data is vital for monitoring consumption patterns, managing resources, and promoting sustainable energy practices. Our data scientists offer solutions for collecting and analyzing data to help efficiently manage energy resources. This improves resource allocation, lessens wasted energy, and enhances sustainability in the energy sector.

Complete Your Team with more Competencies

Creating Dynamic Web Interfaces

Our developers have great React abilities, empowering them to design dynamic, highly interactive user interfaces for dynamic web application experiences.

Crafting Scalable Enterprise Applications

Our developers are skilled in Java and excel at creating dependable and scalable enterprise-level applications using the many libraries and frameworks offered by the Java ecosystem.

Strong Server-Side Application Development

Our talented Node.js specialists excel at building reliable server-side applications. Taking advantage of the extensive selection of libraries and modules in the Node.js ecosystem.

Creating Cross-Platform Mobile Experiences

Our specialists are skilled at creating seamless cross-platform mobile experiences because to their knowledge of Flutter. We can create creative and aesthetically pleasing apps for both the Android and iOS platforms

Tailor-made E-commerce Solutions

Customizing e-commerce solutions is a strong suit for our gifted Liquid developers. We customize online stores to match the particular requirements of businesses by utilizing the adaptability of the Liquid templating language.


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Gibson Tang

From Bugs to Brilliance: The Journey to a Dynamic, Sustainable, and Engaging Platform!

Good developers with experienced knowledge and who are always willing to suggest ways to improve your workflow.

Gibson Tang
Gibson Tang
Treva Stone

Driving Growth: From Quiz to Checkout How we increased Traffic for a Personalized Jewlery Store

No task was impossible and they delivered. It was so cool to dream big and have the results become a reality.

Treva Stone
Treva Stone
Jack Bensason

Innovative Solutions: Our Custom Product Bundles Revolutionize E-commerce Efficiency!

They're genuinely doing the work to make sure we're happy with how things look and function.

Jack Bensason
Jack Bensason
James Owen

Dynamic Evolution: How Ability and Innovation Reshaped Online Luxury with Sustainability at Its Core!

I am impressed with their ability to get things done quickly.

James Owen
James Owen
Head of Tech

Transformative Website Development: Powering Success with React JS.

Lucent Innovation Inc’s team is highly engaged, and they assure us they’ll deliver.

Head of Tech
Head of Tech


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