Flutter Development
Flutter Development

Flutter Development

Flutter is a cross-platform application development framework with a massive amount of features and capabilities. Lucent Innovation creates hybrid mobile and web applications that provide end users with a great user experience.

Lucent Innovation provides end to end Flutter Development Services

Flutter is a versatile and future-proof framework for creating web, mobile, and desktop apps. It creates apps that are high-performing, scalable, and productive.

Why should you opt for Flutter Development Services?

  • 1. Quick Development
  • 2. Creates High performance applications
  • 3. Provides a wide range of widgets for higher functionalities.
  • 4. Code can be reused.
  • 5. Custom UI can be built.
Flutter is a versatile and future-proof framework for creating web, mobile, and desktop apps. It creates apps that are high-performing, scalable, and productive.

We provide comprehensive services with various features

  • Responsive

  • 100% Secure

  • Experienced and Skilled developers

  • Creative Approach

  • Wide portfolio

We provide comprehensive services with various features

With our custom Flutter app development services, we can help you optimize your company processes.

  • Web Development

    Flutter now allows web applications to be built from a single codebase yet keeping costs down. There's no need to design a separate desktop software; our Flutter developers can enable you to reach a wider audience with less time, effort, and price.

  • UI/UX Development

    Our experienced Flutter programmers can assist you with developing successful techniques for creating visually appealing and engaging mobile apps that surpass the competition through dynamic UI and seamless UX.

  • Flutter Widget Customization

    Flutter comes with a lovely set of UI widget libraries that are simple to customize. That means you can add a lot of functionalities. Development of Flutter Native Apps Flutter is a sophisticated native mobile application development platform that provides you a native app's aesthetic. Experienced Flutter native development teams can assist you in creating secure and scalable apps that run on a variety of devices.

  • Flutter Maintenance and Support Services

    Use our customized Flutter service and support to ensure that your app runs smoothly and has a high uptime. Our full stack Flutter developers provide complete box support for your new and existing Flutter project.

Hire Flutter Developers from Lucent Innovation.

We ensure you're matched with the right talent based on your requirement.

  • Hourly


    We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality

  • Monthly


    5+ Years of Exp. Flutter Developer 160 hours per month

  • Monthly(5 Developer)


    Build a SCRUM team of 5 Developers

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No task was impossible and they delivered. It was so cool to dream big and have the results become a reality.
Treva Stone
Treva Stone
Lucent Innovation is an emerging leader in several Clutch categories, earning top reviews from its satisfied clients.
11 Reviews
11 Reviews
I am impressed with their ability to get things done quickly.
James Owen
James Owen
They're genuinely doing the work to make sure we're happy with how things look and function.
Jack Bensason
Jack Bensason

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Learning comes not only with training but it comes as we facilitate the learning of the organization as well as individuals and the clients continuously refurbishing ourselves.



We believe in Innovation and have started our company based on that concept. When you don't transform you become stagnant.
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We work efficiently as a team. We self-monitor. We deliver results efficiently with the help of multiple perspectives and skill sets. We form strong working relationships as we communicate well with each other.

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