MERN Technology
MERN Technology

MERN Technology

Lucent Innovation provides MERN stack technology services to your businesses that will build efficient, scalable and versatile web applications. We provide a stunning user experience assisting you in growing your business digitally.

Utilizing the Unmatched Power of

MERN stack technology.

Lucent Innovation provides a potentially unmatched MERN stack framework to cater to and it is ideal when you want quick development in small applications. MERN is a network of technologies like MongoDB, Express.JS, React.JS and Node.JS based on Javascript.

  • 1. MERN here utilizes a combination of all these technologies to create smaller but powerful applications with great development.
  • 2. It is better in terms of performance and UI rendering.
  • 3. It is pretty cost-effective.
  • 4. The performance of React.JS is unmatched in the Industry.
  • 5. MERN is quite simple and quick.
MERN stack technology.

We provide comprehensive services with various features.

  • Quality Products

  • 24/7 Customer assistance

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Dedicated Team

  • Maintenance and Upgrade

We provide comprehensive services with various features.

Our exceptional MERN stack development services help us to design robust applications with a wide range of requirements. The applications are highly scalable and efficient, turning your business into a digital growth enterprise.

Our MERN Development Expertise provides you with futuristic as well as functional solutions offering you a competitive advantage.

  • Enterprise Application Development MERN

    Utilize the expertise of MERN Stack development to grow your business with enterprise based applications especially for smaller volumes of data.

  • CMS Development MERN

    Lucent Innovation helps you build a productive and interactive CMS system that reaches your audience perfectly and improves your user engagement. Our developers assist you in building solutions that lead to business growth.

  • Web Application Development MERN

    Lucent Innovation builds fast and secure APIs for your business. Our Web application development services through MERN will build web applications to increase the visibility of your business on diverse platforms.

  • Migration MERN Stack

    We have skilled and proficient developers who have wide experience in migrating web applications to the MERN Stack framework. You do not need to worry about your data as well as your security with us.

  • Custom Application Development MERN

    Lucent Innovation creates tailored applications that suit your business needs and requirements. Hire our dedicated developers to achieve quick digital solutions.

  • Ecommerce Application Development MERN

    Lucent Innovation provides expertise to create responsive, intuitive and efficient applications for your e-commerce store. Our dedicated team works creatively to enable your business with leading technologies and digital solutions.

Hire MERN Stack Developers from Lucent Innovation

We ensure you're matched with the right talent based on your requirement.

  • Hourly


    We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality

  • Monthly


    5+ Years of Exp. Senior React Developer 160 hours per month

  • Monthly(5 Developer)


    Build a SCRUM team of 5 Developers

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No task was impossible and they delivered. It was so cool to dream big and have the results become a reality.
Treva Stone
Treva Stone
Lucent Innovation is an emerging leader in several Clutch categories, earning top reviews from its satisfied clients.
11 Reviews
11 Reviews
I am impressed with their ability to get things done quickly.
James Owen
James Owen
They're genuinely doing the work to make sure we're happy with how things look and function.
Jack Bensason
Jack Bensason

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