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Lucent Innovation considers its employees as one of its best assets.We have created a culture of open communication, constant learning and thriving, upskilling, innovating and rising towards challenges that will grow an individual personally as well as a team.
We focus on a lot of avenues where we can grow the team like offering leadership roles at a stage where employees learn to grow about accountability and responsibility,all the while stretching boundaries together.

Our policies are constructed in such a way where the employees are motivated to work with passion with monetary as well as other benefits.

Employee recruitment and retention.
We have various policies that are implemented right when an employee joins the organization. Our recruitment and onboarding process is smooth and assists the employee in understanding the culture and values of the organization. We have an open culture where employees can talk freely about their doubts, ideas, opinions and wishes to the Management as well as colleagues.
Employee referral bonus.
Lucent Innovation provides rewards to the employees who have referred a candidate and he/she successfully completes a certain tenure in the organization. This has widely increased the quality of hire, saves precious time and the employees gel with the culture of the organization
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Employee engagement activities.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
We sincerely believe in this saying and try to engage employees in different activities. All the celebrations, activities are fun and thoroughly thought about that make employees relaxed and they also have time to bond as a team. A lot of such activities were done at Lucent Innovation.

i.Fun fridays and cooking competition

We try to make the weekend exciting starting Friday. We have various games and activities which make the employees relax and unveil from the stress. We also had a cooking competition where all the employees made various dishes and had a lot of fun.

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ii.Birthday celebration.

We try to celebrate the Birthday of all employees, so that they feel cherished and enjoy the day. During the pandemic when employees were working from home. The Birthday cakes were sent to their respective home. Employees feel valued and appreciated on their special day.

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iii.Picnics and Trips.

Lucent Innovation organized a one day picnic to Starz Club and a trip to Udaipur. There were a lot of activities for team building and the employees enjoyed sight seeing as well as some fun time together.

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Employee rewards and recognition.
Lucent Innovation rewards employees quarterly for their hard work and determination.

They motivate them to do good work and also go out of their comfort zone. They also provide anniversary awards that recognize the contribution of the employees as well as dedication.
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Why Lucent...



Learning comes not only with training but it comes as we facilitate the learning of the organization as well as individuals and the clients continuously refurbishing ourselves.



We believe in Innovation and have started our company based on that concept. When you don't transform you become stagnant.
Innovation arrow Transformation
arrow Growth.


Team Work

We work efficiently as a team. We self-monitor. We deliver results efficiently with the help of multiple perspectives and skill sets. We form strong working relationships as we communicate well with each other.

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