How to Set Up Google Merchant Center Account

Ashish Kasama|January 6, 2021|3 Minute read|
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Google Merchant Center lets you sell your products on Google. So, if you decide to sell handbags on Google through Google Merchant Center, when anyone searches for handbags on Google your product can be displayed. With the vast reach of google, you can easily target millions of people.

Here we are highlighting the steps on how to set your Google Merchant Center Account:

  1. Create your Google account

    Go to and create a Google account.

  2. Enter your business details
    • Add your “business address”. That’s the address where your business is registered.
    • Your time zone is populated automatically based on your “business address”. However, you can edit it later.
    • The “business name” you choose can be your actual business name, website name, or store name.
    • Users will see your “business name” that you choose.
  3. Select your customer checkout method

    Next, You need to choose how your customers will checkout:

    • Customers can check out on your own website. Your customer sees your product on Google, clicks it, then they are redirected to your website.
    • Or, your customer can check out directly on Google. 
    • Or, your customer can see your product on Google and visit your store in person to buy.
  4. Select your email preference

    You can choose to opt in to receive emails on best practices and tips and tricks from Google.

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