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Ashish Kasama|May 26, 2021|4 Minute read|
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Facebook ads help brands promote their services or products which helps them widen their reach. You put a lot of effort and money to create the perfect ad but if you are struggling to get the desired results then you need to optimize your Facebook ads. Let us look at some of the strategies to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns:

  1. Improve your Facebook likes

    The shares and likes you get on your Facebook ads and posts are proof that audiences like your product and services. When setting up a Facebook ad campaign, you have 2 options: create new ads for every campaign and ad set or use an existing post:

    “Use Existing Post” option is an incredibly effective optimization hack as it gives you an opportunity to collect all the campaign post engagements under a single ad. All you need to do is use the same post to set up multiple ad campaigns and publish the promotional post on your company’s Facebook Page. Then select this post every time you’re setting up a new ad campaign.

  2. A/B Test Your Ideas

    To figure out what works best for your brand, run a quick Facebook A/B test. You need to identify which elements of your ad have the highest impact on your target audience. You can test the following elements to observe the impact on your audience:

    • Ad design
    • Ad placement
    • Your unique value offer
    • Call-to-action buttons
  3. Optimize Your Targeting Audience

    It is really important to identify your target audience and their performance as you invest a lot of money in facebook ads. To analyze gender and age group performance, log into Facebook Ads Manager and click on “Reports”:                                                               

    Once the report page pops up, you need to select the date range that you want to analyze. Next, click on “Customize Columns” and decide on the values for the report. Under the drop-down list, select “Age,” “Gender” or “Age and Gender”:

  4. Use Influencers to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

    The content created by influencers is usually more relevant and relatable than a business' content as influencers connects more easily with the audience. You can use influencer-generated content to boost the impact and effectiveness of your Facebook ads by helping you generate more high-quality traffic, boost your engagement rate, and increase your social media followers. 74% of marketers said that they repurpose influencer-generated content and publish it on their social media channels. But be sure to get permission from your influencers to use their content.

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