How to Send Marketing Emails the Right Way

Aashish Kasma|7/7/2021, UTC|4 MIN READ|
//How to Send Marketing Emails the Right Way


After you have built an email list, you want to start sending out emails immediately to your subscribers. However, you don’t want to end up in the spam folder or blocked list. So, let us look at some of the important things you need to know in order to send marketing emails properly.

  1. Choose an email marketing service

    An email marketing service allows you to efficiently create, personalize, and optimize marketing emails that have a professional look without having a designer on your team. Also, you will receive helpful data so you can analyze the success of your email marketing campaign. Keep these features in mind when you choose an email service provider:

    • CRM platform with customer segmentation features
    • A positive reputation as an email service provider (ESP)
    • Easy-to-build forms, landing pages, and CTAs
    • Automation
    • Ability to split test your emails
    • Built-in analytics
    • Downloadable reports
  2. Use best practices for sending marketing emails

    Having a well formatted email or a carefully crafted subject line is very important before sending your marketing emails. 

    1. Copy: The copy in the body of your email should stick to only one topic to not distract your customers.
    2. Images: Images should be relevant and optimized for all devices such as mobile, desktop etc.
    3. CTA: Your call-to-action should be prominent and lead to a relevant offer.
    4. Timing: A study found that Tuesday at 11 AM ET is the best day and time to send your email. *Note: We’d still recommend that you test the timing yourself and see if any day and time stands out as being successful or unsuccessful.
    5. Responsiveness: More emails are opened on mobile as compared to desktop. Research found that 55% of emails are opened on mobile. 
    6. Personalization: Emails should have a personal touch and not sound like an office email. 
    7. Subject Line: Use clear language that is personalized and entices the reader to open the email.
  3. Segment your email list

    Segmentation is the process of breaking your email list into sub-categories based on your subscribers’ unique characteristics, interests, and preferences. Sending a generic email blast to all your subscribers will not resonate with all your subscribers. Every subscriber is at a different level of readiness to convert into a customer.  Check out our article on How to Segment Your Email Marketing List

  4. Personalize your email marketing

    Personalized emails have 26% higher open rates, and an improved click-through rate of 14% when compared to others. Some ways to personalize your emails:

    • Add a first name field in your subject line 
    • Include region-specific information 
    • Write about personal events like birthdays
    • End your emails with a personal signature 
    • Use a call-to-action to an offer that the reader will find useful


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