Using Social Media to Grow Your Email List

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Social media is a powerful tool to grow your email list. Let us look at some of the ways you can leverage social media to increase your email subscribers.

  1. Run an online contest

    Use your social media accounts to run a free giveaway in exchange for contact information. Ask the visitors to enter the contest using their name and email address.

  2. Promote an offer through Facebook that requires an email address

    Promote content on Facebook that can only be accessed after signing up. Also add social sharing buttons to your landing and thank you (after sign up)  pages so that your leads can share the offer with their own network.

  3. Use twitter to promote your lead-gen offer

    Create a Twitter campaign for your followers that promotes some free resources such as an ebook. Then ask users to enter their email address to download that resource.

  4. Add a call-to-action button to the top of your Facebook Business Page

    Link your Facebook Business page's call-to-action button to a landing page that requires an email address to access some free special resource.

  5. Use social media to publish links to gated offers

    Gated offers are truly exclusive and only qualified buyers can redeem them. Use your Facebook Business page or LinkedIn Company Page to post links to the same gated offers that require an email to redeem. Gated offers often pique people’s curiosity, increasing the chance they will offer their email address.

  6. Use Pinterest to promote gated visual content

    Pinterest allows you to host visual content that encourages visitors to sign up to see more of your content. For example, if you sell graphic t-shirts, create a Pinterest board with a few of your designs and then ask users to sign up to see more of your t-shirts.

  7. Add engagement features to your YouTube channel

    Encourage people to subscribe to your channel via their email address by adding hyperlinked "end cards" to your YouTube videos.


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